IntelliVision releases new version ADAS software for OEMs

IntelliVision releases new version ADAS software for OEMs
IntelliVision Technologies announced an advanced version of its aftermarket ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) software. The new Advanced ADAS builds upon the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) of IntelliVision’s Standard ADAS with significantly higher detection accuracy and LDW/FCW alerts using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, plus new features.

The Advanced version is intended for multi-core platforms such as Ambarella® H22 and can process HD resolution video at 30 fps. Benefits include highly configurable algorithms to suit the varying needs of different customers, lane line type and color detection, curved lane detection, multi-lane FCW, and increased detection range. The Advanced version also offers Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) and Stop-n-Go Warning.

The latest version of IntelliVision’s facial recognition technology is highly optimized for in-camera processing and is capable of detecting at least ten faces in less than one second with only 25% CPU usage on an Ambarella® S5L-based camera. As many as twenty faces can be recognized in a single frame. In the cloud-based Face Recognition as a Service (FRaaS), recognition time is sub-second and allows for additional analytics in the overall workflow where camera processing capacity is limited.”

“IntelliVision Advanced Driver Assistance System software is installed in over two million dashcams, helping to save lives all over the world,” said Vaidhi Nathan, SVP Cameras and Analytics for NSC, IntelliVision’s parent company. “Dashcam makers, insurance companies and auto manufacturers are increasingly looking to IntelliVision video analytics technology to improve safety and cut costs in the aftermarket as well as in the move towards fully-autonomous vehicles.”

IntelliVision Advanced ADAS is available for OEMs and vehicle manufacturers to build into their camera designs and, using AI and machine learning, is highly optimized for the small footprint of chips such as the Ambarella A12 and H22. IntelliVision Standard ADAS is already bundled with many Ambarella chipsets such as A12 and A7 and is being used by many Ambarella-based dashcam vendors.

Smart Auto/ADAS is part of the IntelliVision family of video analytics solutions that also includes object classification (humans, vehicles, pets, airplanes), intelligent motion detection, intrusion/perimeter watch, object left/removed, license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR), audio/sound recognition and facial recognition.

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