Allterco Robotics presents home automation devices that lower utility bills by 30%

Allterco Robotics presents home automation devices that lower utility bills by 30%
Allterco Robotics, an IT solution company based in Eastern Europe, is introducing a new series of home automation products to the world market. Energy management device Shelly 4 Pro and Shelly Light Pro allow home owner to manage all electrical appliances via their mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

The Shelly Pro series allows builders to offer automation of new or renovated homes without increasing the investment in electricаl wiring. In fact, the series needs 20 percent less cables for home wiring. The investment for installation costs just 150 euro per premise.

Shelly 4 Pro is designed to manage electrical appliances and sockets, while Shelly Pro Light is designed to manage lighting. Remote light switching and dimming is possible via smartphones.

The two devices are mounted into the switchboard and can manage four electrical circuits. The Shelly Pro series gives consumers information on real-time electricity consumption and thus allows for energy optimization. The products have a 1.8-inch color display, on which users can see the status of every electrical appliance at home and their energy consumption.

By installing Shelly Pro, consumers will be able to manage lighting in four rooms or the same number of electrical appliances via their phone. Allterco Robotics has also developed a mobile app to perform certain tasks under different use scenarios.

If homeowners don’t want to change their home wiring, they can use the relays Shelly 2, which Allterco says can fit into an ordinary console behind a switch key or a power socket. It can run on two electrical circuits – 1.8 kW each, and can also display real-time power consumption.

At CES 2017 Allterco Robotics will showcase the products for the first time. Voice control can be carried out via Amazon Echo and Google Home. Users can simply say “Turn off the lights” or “Turn on the stove” and Shelly will do the task.

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