Guidercare makes smart watch ideal solution for elderly care and activity tracking

Guidercare makes smart watch ideal solution for elderly care and activity tracking
Established in 2008, Guidercare develops wireless wearables and RFID solutions for eldercare and personal healthcare. Besides hardware, the company develops cloud services with its own server for smart home lifestyle management through smartphone apps or web portals. The company also offers turnkey solutions based on customers’ needs.
Dave Chang, Assistant Vice President of Product Center said, “Facing the aging population around the world, Guidercare found that a large number of senior people want to live at home independently. Therefore, we introduced Angel Care Smart Watches and Angel Care GD-50 indoor location tracker. Users can interact with medical service, homecare, healthcare, personal safety and health monitoring center centers with its smart watch and cloud portals.” The watch supports outdoor location tracking via GPS and indoor positioning via GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Beacon technology. By far, the smart watch is distributed to China and Australia for lone workers, women and elderly people.
AngelCare smart watch supports 3G, GPS and Bluetooth technology. The device can work with third-party Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure and blood-glucose meter meters for health monitoring. The smart watch can be used as a mobile phone after inserting the SIM card. Users can set contact numbers of emergency center, care givers or the families for emergency calls by just pushing a button, or notify them via pre-programmed alert notification. The carers can talk to wearers without having them press any button.
Besides, the gadget features accelerometer, gyroscope and special algorithm for fall detection. Featuring Assisted GPS (A-GPS), Wi-Fi triangulation, GSM cell tower and Bluetooth Beacon technology, the product can be used for indoor positioning and location tracking. Moreover, AngleCare features waterproof, timer, and reminders of events like clinical appointments or medication reminder. The new 3G-based gCare 900, to be released in 2016, features risk prediction of heart diseases via integrated HRV and ECG chips. Users can ask for immediate data analysis and reaction after connecting to professional healthcare monitoring center or hospitals.
With the smart alerts, data analysis, indoor location tracking and algorithm, the watch tracks the wearer’s daily activity and sends alerts to notify the police, families or call centers if any abnormalities are detected. For example, it can track where and when the wearer spends most of the time, sleeping patterns, and monitor frequency and time spent in each room. The watch will enter the vibration mode for 15 seconds if any abnormal status is detected before sending alerts. 

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