SensingTEK ready for broader application in smart home and smart cities

SensingTEK ready for broader application in smart home and smart cities
You roll up the curtain in the early morning and look out, seeing a fuzzy scene outside the window instead of the shiny sun. You wonder if it is mist or actually polluted air, but nothing can be sure. Now the life-saving signal light from the smart air quality sensor on the wall is there as a hint: bad air quality deserves your rethink.

For the situation, SensingTEK’s solution can keep you at ease.

Taiwan-based SensingTEK was founded in 2008, focusing in wireless sensor and connectivity technologies applied in smart home, smart retail, smart city, industry automation, as well as connected healthcare.

Before engaging in smart home, SensingTEK has cooperated with multiple industrial science park on their cleanroom air quality control. The company’s industry-standard, exceptional techniques in precisely detecting air quality can professionally monitor aerosols, CO2, CH2O, PM2.5, CO, gas, natural gas (LPG/LNG), temperature and humidity.
SensingTEK PM2.5/Temperature and humidity
Sensor with display.

With in-house R&D team self-developing gateway, all the indoor sensors, smartphone app, and cloud services, SensingTEK provides products with a wide flexibility for customized wireless communications and platform integration. “Our own R&D team make it possible to customize solutions in multiple platform, creating unlimited possibilities for integrated systems to cope with various demands in smart home, building, and smart cities,” said Albert Chang, Sales AVP of SensingTEK, “Our gateway employs Zigbee protocol as basic, however, we have the technique to expand its compatibility to Sigfox, NB-IoT, RPMA and more with different partners.”
SensingTEK Smart Home Security Kit

Partnering with Taiwanese leading DIY retailer Test Rite, Tsann-Kuen 3C and e-commerce Inc., SensingTEK packages its eye-catching products into three handy kits: Smart Home Security Kit, Smart Home Health & Comfort Kit, and Smart Home Life Safety kit. “We are looking forward to getting in touch with more end-users from these retailers and gaining more reputation for our brand name,” said Chang, “In the meanwhile, we actively work with Taiwan Institute for Information Industry, telecommunications, service provider for more pro-installed projects.”

Expecting to work with more housing installer, system integrator, service provider, and wholesaler in Taiwan and abroad, SensingTEK is ready for both DIY and project-based markets in not only smart home, but bigger application areas like smart business and cities.

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