TP-Link partnered with IFTTT and Trend Micro for personalized activation and cybersecurity

TP-Link partnered with IFTTT and Trend Micro for personalized activation and cybersecurity
We have well and truly come out of the smart home’s early adoption phase. And – whether homemakers have taken the plunge yet or not – they are certainly thinking about installing some sort of automation in their homes, whether it’s to save money or just make their lives easier.

Software like IFTTT is making the smart home dream a reality. The free web-based service connects various digital services through chains of simple command statements, known as Applets, to easily sync up apps and devices.

Applet connections are powered by a trigger and an action. How IFTTT works in your smart home ranges from the mundane but practical to the weird and wonderful integration you never thought you needed. For example, if smart bulbs are set to come on when it gets dark every day, the Applet can link that command to other devices, such as smart plugs, which could switch on a radio or TV so it sounds like someone is home. And for the more futuristic – if you happen to own both a Fitbit and TP-Link Smart Plug, the two can be used in conjunction with a simple recipe that automatically switches on your coffee machine the moment you wake from your slumber.
Will Liu, UK and Ireland
Country Manager, TP-Link
It’s as if your smart home devices are talking to each other, working with each other and combining to automate your life.

IFTTT is the next technology leap to make homes smarter and to enhance your daily life because it helps build seamless and useful – in some cases, bespoke – connections between devices, apps, services and websites. Many TP-Link products now support IFTTT services, which can genuinely make life easier or more controllable.

TP-Link has opened an IFTTT channel to showcase its portfolio of products that come with IFTTT capabilities, including the latest versions of its Wi-Fi Routers, and the new mesh Wi-Fi router, Deco.

TP-Link’s smart home range is managed by its smart home app Kasa which also enables IFTTT integration. Kasa-enabled devices, smart bulbs, plugs and soon to launch smart home cameras are compatible with the software embedded into other voice operated systems such as Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Home Assistant. Google Home’s app also enables users to connect their Kasa devices so you don’t even need hardware to pair them.

This means personalized Applets can be created to trigger automatic actions on Kasa devices.

As consumers embrace smart home and IoT devices, TP-Link has recognized the potential threat of these connected but unprotected devices to the home network so, in partnership with TrendMicro, has developed HomeCare, a networking and cybersecurity solution for the modern home available on select TP-Link routers. HomeCare provides dynamic security features designed to keep wireless networks and connected devices safe and secure, while maintaining top internet speeds, complete with built-in antivirus control from TrendMicro. Robust, customizable parental controls also ensure peace of mind for families surfing the internet.

HomeCare protects from external threats and prevents users from accidentally compromising network security. The intrusion prevention system safeguards every connected device on the network from malware and hackers, while malicious site blocking prevents users from accessing unsafe websites from within the network.

By continuously scanning for virus patterns, HomeCare can identify and eliminate threats before they hit a home network. The system is kept current through updates via TrendMicro, ensuring a network is always protected from threats. An additional layer of security quarantines any infected device that joins the network, while instant notifications warn of infected devices, which is particularly prevalent for those that invite guests into their home and their network.

IFTTT is here to stay as homes fill with smart devices and joining up connected devices gets easier each day. Thanks to TP-Link’s HomeCare you can now keep calm without worrying about your identity being stolen or your baby/wedding photos being held to ransom.

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