Klug Home: Giving the router a ´brain for the connected home

Klug Home: Giving the router a ´brain for the connected home
There is a ton of new companies getting into connected home gadgets, but rather than compete with some of the big players on the market, Singapore startup Intraix has its eyes on bridging things together “intelligently,” notably when it comes to interoperability issues.

Unveiled for the first time during an international information technology show in Taipei, Intraix co-founder Bryan Lee presented a small, cunning solution that can sync all sorts of connected devices together ranging from smart plugs to platform services offered by Apple HomeKit, Google Now, and many more.

Bearing the resemblance of any average-looking USB dongle, the “Klug Home” is mainly about transforming the smart home scene by providing an integrated user-interface for all smart devices to be controlled from one single app on your smartphone.

“Adding connectivity doesn't make them intelligent. In order to create a truly intelligent home, smart devices need a centralized controller, or brain, to provide context,” Lee explained.

Klug Home is a smart hub designed with users' needs and simplicity in mind, and operates simply by plugging it to a home router. Once installed, it can control various devices in the home via Wi-Fi or ZigBee. Not only that, Klug Home will also be able to talk to the most popular and reliable voice commands in the market – Alexa (Amazon Echo), Siri (Apple HomeKit) and OK Google(Google Now). “With Klug Home, we have an integrated, all encompassing, and simple to use app application, making it really fuss-free to use Klug via voice control.”

Meanwhile, another exciting gadget by Intraix is the Klug Air, a device that allows users to turn their air conditioning unit On/Off, adjust the temperature, mode, or fan speed remotely via the Klug App. According to Lee, the Air's main highlight is in its learning algorithm.

“Klug Air makes your air conditioner smarter and gives it the ability to adjust to your lifestyle. Just use it for a week and it can program itself.

It even syncs weather data from the National Environment Agency, so if your area is forecasted to be raining and your A/C is running, it will automatically adjust the temperature to be warmer, saving energy and money,” he concluded.

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