Key ASIC transforms SD card into mini NAS

Key ASIC transforms SD card into mini NAS
Key ASIC, the Taiwan-based SoC developer for famous storage product providers, has showcased the Wi-Fi SD card which can enables data streaming between the SD card and any connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Any device which has Micro SD socket inside, such as IP cameras and event data recorders, can easily connect to Internet via the Wi-Fi SD Card solution. With Key ASIC’s Wi-Fi SD card, users can view, download or manage the data on the card via a free APP.

Key ASIC also has developed another Wi-Fi USB-storage product line, which can also communicate with any connected device. It means the little gadget can be used as a mini NAS which allows users to manage their photos, footages, music and other files anytime, anywhere.

For now Key ASIC provides the 32G Wi-Fi SD card solution based on SD 2.0 standard, with streaming speed at 25M/s. By the end of 2015, the company will present a new model which supports SD3.0 with capacity up to 2T.

Key ASIC is one among the three companies which provide wireless SD card solutions. As a SoC provider, Key ASIC is open for collaboration with brand owners. Now the company has provided Toshiba with its Wi-Fi SD solution which is applied to Toshiba’s TransferJet products.

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