Everspring Homesys, an ideal solution for home security and automation

Everspring Homesys, an ideal solution for home security and automation
For customers who are searching for the smart home security and safety systems which are easy to be installed and secure for use, Everspring’s Homesys U-Net Smart Home Solution is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

User-friendly and secure

Homesys, comprised of a cloud platform and several home devices, including the gateway IP Box HSC04, Magnetic Contact Detector HSM01, Voice Siren HSE03, Metering Plug AN159, Remote Control SR804, PIR Sensor HSP01 and IP Camera VC701, is capable of offering security, home automation and surveillance services for home users. (More services will come along in the near future.)

This voice-oriented smart home solution only takes a few minutes to set up and is quite userfriendly. Users are able to establish a RF link simply by powering on, and the reach length of RF connection is up to of 250m (outdoors). Moreover, the voice siren function adds some touch of humanity to the alarm system.

Via the gateway, these home devices can be easily connected to the highly secure cloud platform which is constructed based on a VPNgrade network. The video footage can also be stored in the cloud in case the IP camera is vandalized.

Better connected for real-time surveillance

Through the connection and interaction among various sensors, the IP camera and the voice siren, Homesys not only can monitor but also can facilitate real-time responses when events occur.

For instance, via APP, Homesys will immediately push alarm notifications onto mobile phones of users, who may be far away from home, as soon as the system senses the approaching of an intruder. Users can watch the real-time footage and catch snapshots of the intruder instantly. The system will also give forth voice siren to deter the intrusion and then prevent further damages.

Adopted and Field-proven by Telco Services Benefitting from Everspring’s 30-year history in retail and security businesses, Everspring’s gateway products and RF devices have been adopted and truly field-tested in mass market via some value-added services provided by certain telcos.

In these cases, the system can combine an optional 3G/4G connection (as bundle package) for the telco operators. Besides, to ensure that notifications are sent precisely, optional SMS and voice calls are available as well.

About Everspring

Having accumulated abundant experiences both in designing and manufacturing security products for over 30 years, Everspring has developed the know-hows in terms of motion sensors, alarm systems, video surveillance, gateway and cloud solutions in the global market.

Now redefined itself as a service provider, instead of a mere product supplier, Everspring is able to provide the one-stop shopping service to customers worldwide with its wide range of product lines, such as lighting, building automation, motion sensors and environment sensors, along with the totally integrated solutions for the smart home market.

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