Dexatek ΣCASA makes complete smart home ecosystem

Dexatek ΣCASA makes complete smart home ecosystem
Dexatek Technology is a global player in designing, manufacturing and marketing IoT products, multimedia, mobile TV receiver, capturing device and consumer electronic products.

Stepping into smart home, Dexatek designs its own smart home system in-house including hardware, ID, mechanism, firmware, cloud system/server and iOS/Android apps. ΣCASA is Dexatek’s smart home solution which consists of the 9 subsystems: ΣCentral, ΣDoor, ΣLight, ΣPlug, ΣWeather, ΣMotion, ΣSwitch, ΣSmoke and ΣShock for the complete home security and automation performance.

ΣCasa, a complete ecosystem

ΣCasa ecosystem includes devices, apps, cloud server and management software, integrating from hardware, software to cloud service vertically. Dexatek establishes an exclusive team to design UI/UX and develops functional iOS/Android apps corresponding to Dexatek’s series product. The team is also capable to integrate driver and firmware on windows, Linux and RTOS platform to have seamless integration with the hardware.

ΣCasa, various product choices for smart home

Dexatek offers comprehensive IoT products. ΣCasa has a variety of products includes LED light, environmental sensors, and surveillance related sensors. Users can choose what they need to build their own smart home. The service range is from hardware design, manufacturing, software to cloud service to make life easier, simpler and better.

Smart Link System (SLS)

According to Dexatek, the smart home is not about objects, but linkage. “You can set the trigger condition (IF condition) for every device, and set the response action (THEN) to the controller of the devices. All gateways under the same user account should work together. For example, when your Senor A in your Paris home detecting smoke, your gateway in your New York home can activate the notification system.”

Strong security mechanism to secure your privacy 

Smart home makes life more convenient and comfortable. However, there is more vulnerable chances to hackers at the same time. Dexatek’s Smart Home package helps relieve the fear against the invasion of privacy with its special Dynamic Authentication Security System (DASS), which turns your home into a fortress where home devices are exclusively under control of your family members. By adopting the 128 bit bank-level AES key exchange, DASS assures that every data exchange is completed via certain pin code, and therefore blocks malicious attacks from the outside of your house.

Easy to install, energy efficient

ΣCASA is BLE and RF based for the low-power consumption. Most ΣCasa devices are batteries-included, except for light and plug. User can easily install those devices anywhere in the house without wires.

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