Haier launches U+ smart home vision

Haier launches U+ smart home vision
Haier, founded in 1984, focuses on home appliances and consumer electronics brands worldwide. They dedicates on designing smart, user friendly home products for the company vision. Based on the insight of growing IoT market, Haier is one of the earliest Chinese companies to get in the Smart Home industry with its original niche background. 

U+ smart home system 

The system includes door/window sensors, smart plug, smart lamp, water sensor and multifunctional sensor. There is a smart gateway using the protocol of ZigBee. “We choose ZigBee because of its stable ability of transmission,” commented Will Hu, Product Manager of Haier Computer Solutions Department. “Now we prefer to sell a whole system, furthermore, we keep on launching a range of smart cloud products like refrigerators, washing machines, TVs in the System.” 

Haier U+ smart life APP

For providing Smart home solutions, Haier U+ smart home APP plays a role as a customized gateway collection. Through personified communication between devices and users, indistinct identification and Big Data analyzation enable users to control home appliances at anytime and anywhere. When users get home and open the door, the system will automatically transfer to home mode and disarm security devices at the same time. While sensors triggered by the unusual situation, devices will react and the system will send the information for reminding users.

Haier enables the interconnection and information sharing between devices of different categories and models, but also allows connection to different resources for cloud services. Haier welcome related manufactures to join this smart home ecosystem. U+ system will provide open service and share abundant resource benefits with partners, there are many resources already available on the platform, including  Baidu, Huawei and Qualcomm for completing the ideal platform. 

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