Improved surveillance for futuristic mobile integrated solutions

Improved surveillance for futuristic mobile integrated solutions
Safety Vision has announced their partnership with Genetec. After working diligently together for two years to change, and drastically improve integrated surveillance solutions, these companies confidently anticipate the future of mobile integrated solutions worldwide.

By partnering with Genetec, Safety Vision has become the company's national partner for the transportation market. Safety Vision is offering over 25 years of mobile surveillance expertise in collaboration with the ingenious and forward-thinking minds at Genetec, to create a partnership each mobile industry will significantly benefit from. "Safety Vision and Genetec are removing transportation industries from their small proprietary islands and exposing them to a continent of state of the art open architecture technology. It's exciting," said Lucius McCelvey, Safety Vision's Transit Sales Manager. 

With Safety Vision's newly developed open platform hardware and software, mobile industries have the freedom to add new technologies as they are developed. Unlike proprietary systems, an open architecture platform allows the opportunity to create a system specifically tailored to an industry's needs. This sophisticated system can be customized and scaled to any level through a software developer's kit (SDK), an application programming interface (API), or simply a third-party integration. Open architecture offers the flexibility to pick and choose from endless advanced features such as access control, quick search, people counting, gunshot detection, and privacy protection with auto-redaction.

Genetec's Security Center gives users the option to grant specific guest users live access into the surveillance system. If chosen to do so, allowing system access can help law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, schools, mass transit, and other approved guest users work together to find the most effective and efficient citywide solution in real time. Utilizing third-party access also eliminates a transit agency or school transportation department's responsibility to deploy their own labor resources and finances when working with law enforcement. This type of integration creates a smart-city environment, where all fixed and mobile video can be viewed from a single platform. Video that used to take hours, or days to track down and review can now be examined in minutes. Unifying security cameras throughout a city provides limitless coverage and quicker solutions, becoming the smarter long-term solution for agencies worldwide.

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