OnSSI demonstrates extreme versatility of Ocularis 5 VMS with partnerships

OnSSI demonstrates extreme versatility of Ocularis 5 VMS with partnerships
OnSSI is scheduled to showcase several advanced technology partnerships that maximize the features and functionality of their powerful Ocularis 5 Video Management Software (VMS) at ISC West this year. Visitors will have the opportunity to see first-hand the enhanced functionality and benefits enabled by solutions from several of the company’s established integration partners.

“Ocularis 5 has the ability for users to precisely manage and control security events and situations,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales & Marketing, OnSSI. “OnSSI has accomplished this by developing and growing technology partnerships that deliver innovative and unique functionality. As a result, Ocularis 5 is widely regarded as one of the most intelligent VMS platforms for centralizing security applications in the industry.”

Partnership demonstrations featured at the OnSSI’s booth will include:

ConvergenceTP (C2P)

The integration between C2P and OnSSI’s Ocularis provides vital information to assist operators in assessing emerging situations and helps enable them to choose an appropriate course of action. This solution brings video and data together to provide a highly effective utility for security applications in the fields of banking, access control, asset tracking, license plate recognition, point-of-sale and more.


The NetApp E2800 and E5600 storage system combines with OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 VMS for scalability and guaranteed performance across a variety of industry applications, including shared storage infrastructure and dedicated storage solutions.


Quantum’s multi-tiered storage platform provides more total usable capacity for less overall budget, leaving security professionals with more to invest in the other tools needed to successfully accomplish their mission of keeping people and property safe. Together, Quantum and OnSSI are building enterprise video surveillance and physical security solutions that deliver streaming performance and real-time access to data, regardless of whether it’s on disk, tape, or in the cloud.

Other highlighted technology partnerships will include:

Promise Technology

The Promise Vess Series of NVR appliances are reliable integrated server and storage solutions for IP video surveillance. Vess NVR appliances and Ocularis work together as an open platform solution that can be deployed with most leading IP cameras for installations of any size.

Safety Vision 

Safety Vision, is an industry-leading vendor of mobile video surveillance solutions. The collaboration enables integration of Safety Vision’s RoadRecorder 8000 mobile server with OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 VMS for viewing and management of cameras on a single mobile server in transportation applications. The single platform camera management improves situational awareness and enhances documentation.


Seneca’s xNVR100, powered by OnSSI, combines Seneca’s high performance, entrylevel video storage appliance with OnSSI’s Ocularis 5 Professional VMS. The xNVR100 is an all-in-one surveillance system with video recording, client viewing and mobile viewing in a single appliance and is optimized for today’s video surveillance needs and IP video storage.


The P Series from VVSST, combined with OnSSI's user-friendly VMS, provides a low cost, plug-and-play video solution. For added convenience it is pre-loaded with up to 26 licenses and up to 8TB of video storage.

Ocularis 5 is built on OnSSI’s strong technology base and intuitive client, and represents the next generation of OnSSI’s VMS, delivering complete data security with end-to-end encryption between Clients and Recorders and backward compatibility to all previous OnSSI recorders. Ocularis 5 is offered in three models: Professional, designed for organizations operating single or multiple locations with small- to mid-sized camera counts; Enterprise, built for a wide range of mid to large IT-centric organizations; and Ultimate, created for large organizations that require extended command and control and recording server failover.

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