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Hikvision secures a provincial pathway with cameras and video walls

Hikvision secures a provincial pathway with cameras and video walls
The M-2 Motorway is a North-South motorway in Pakistan, constructed in the years 1992 to 1997. It is currently in use, connecting Rawalpindi to Lahore.
The M-2 Motorway is a North-South motorway in Pakistan, constructed in the years 1992 to 1997. It is currently in use, connecting Rawalpindi to Lahore. The motorway is 375 km (233 mi) long and located entirely in the Punjab province. Crucial areas – such as where accidents occur most frequently, where there might be threats of illegal or dangerous activity, or where other environmental hazards endanger drivers – became the focus of the installation.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) owns and operates the M-2 Motorway security installation, which was completed on May 17, 2017. Its use was officially inaugurated by Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif. Surveillance covers the full length of the motorway and service areas between Lahore and Islamabad.

The security staff, deployed by the Army Engineering Corps (Frontier Works Organization), wanted to monitor movement of all the vehicles entering the motorway for security and become aware of accidents as quickly as possible. Identifying suspicious vehicles that might be involved in smuggling or any other terrorist or riotous activities was critical as well. With the help of CCTV equipment, the security staff is able to keep track of all vehicles on the motorway. And with 24-hour monitoring, security personnel are able to maintain a high-level response strategy.

Hikvision was chosen by FWO because it is the number one video surveillance brand in the region, as well as being the preeminent manufacturer among competitors in Pakistan. Hikvision products across the M-2 have proven to be very reliable and durable. The product line ranges from cameras and NVRs to iVMS-4200 software.

Eyes on the road

When complete, the installation reached a total of 555 cameras. The cameras are installed on dedicated posts throughout the motorway every 3 km on average. The locations were determined by the customer with the objective to efficiently monitor all curves along the motorway and keep the traffic moving. The installed camera model is as follows:
•    DS-2CD4A35FWD-IZ  3 MP Series Smart Cameras
•    DS-2DF723O15 2 MP PTZ Laser Dome Cameras
•    DS-D2055NL-B Video Wall Monitors
The DS-2CD4A35FWD offers Full HD resolution with up to 45 fps, 120 dB WDR, PoE, Defog, 3D DNR, and complete smart feature-set to champion a wide variety of applications. Setting these cameras along the M2 gives security personnel accurate visuals of the vehicles passing by 24 hours a day, and, with their smart features, the cameras make critical analytics simple. 
Hikvision 2 MP PTZ Laser Dome Cameras (model no. DS-2DF723OI5-AEL), with a healthy 500-meter IR range, were selected for general monitoring of the roads and traffic movement. Other solutions with advanced technology and better specs are in the long-term plans and will be finalized soon.
Hikvision’s Laser Smart PTZ Dome Cameras (model DS-2DF7230I5-AEL) capture high quality images in dimly lit environments with laser infrared, which reaches up to 500 meters (1,600 ft). With the 30X optical zoom Day/Night lens, the camera offers more details over expansive areas. They secure sharp, reliable footage of key events and objects being for forensic purposes.
Finally, smart tracking, which is the function of PTZ cameras enables those cameras to detect any progressively moving object and follow it within the camera’s area of coverage without fail. If there’s an alert about some illegal activity, the smart tracking function can follow the vehicle, giving security staff imaging that can provide crucial information about the car, such as the license plate.
Pakistan is mostly an arid desert, but security guards cannot rely on good weather to secure such a wide expanse of country. That’s why the integrator sought out components with features that can handle anything the climate throws their way. This PTZ model’s smart defog and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) improve image quality in challenging weather or environmental conditions. Wind, fog, rain, dust, smoke – these units can do the job.

Control center

Equipment for the three control rooms for this project implemented Hikvision’s Decoder (model DS-6416HDI-T) with Video Wall (model DS-D2055NL-B) and complete accessories.

LCD monitors were installed in each of the three control rooms. The key ingredient to creating a valuable display wall starts with multiple jointing methods for various scenes and setups; the next important element are the ultra-slim bi-side seams. With these design features in tow, the whole setup can incorporate one large display or several custom divisions for the most effective use of visible area.

The DS-D2055NL-B LCD Display Units provide 1080p, LED direct-lit backlighting with uniform brightness and no boundary shadow. The high definition, high brightness, high color gamut and wide 178° viewing angle make the imaging very pleasing to the eye. The longer-than-average display lifespan and stable running and low maintenance cost – which supports 24-hour continual operation – make them an easy choice for users looking to maximize their budget constraints.


The client control room height was too low for standard video wall installation. The solution here required the system integrator to customize locally by removing the frame and installing the LCDs directly onto the base plate.

The second challenge they faced was an issue with the DC power sources, since Hikvision PTZ cameras operate on AC power. After discussion with team, Hikvision engineers successfully customized the cameras to a DC solar powered source. The client was 100% satisfied as the cameras were directly connected to the DC solar powered system without the need for an inverter which might negatively affect the overall efficiency.

Destination: success 

With cameras and video walls operating smoothly, monitoring of the road has become more efficient and emergency teams have been empowered with rapid and intelligent responses. Moreover, travelers feel much safer while passing through the motorway as there is a remarkable reduction in incidents of theft and robbery – around 75% fewer security incidents. Naturally, peace of mind while travelling matters greatly. Hikvision products and solutions, together with the expertise of the local system integrator, will keep the M-2 Motorway safe and secure for many years to come.

Product Adopted:
Surveillance Cameras, Software
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