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Traditional vs modern: the better security systems

Traditional vs modern: the better security systems
Security has always been a significant concern for both office and homeowners. In a rattle race of thieves versus homeowners, technology has played its huge role in safeguarding your house and property.
Security has always been a significant concern for both office and homeowners. In a rattle race of thieves versus homeowners, technology has played its huge role in safeguarding your house and property. Today’s security systems are mostly wireless and automated with no hassle of any manual control.

Modern security systems include:


Security panel is the key operation centre for your entire security system. It keeps a check of all the wireless sensors that are intact and in connection with it. A panel is a core and the brain of the entire system. The panel is responsible for all kinds of action taken by the security system. Nowadays most of the panels have a mini pad system which looks after the entire functioning of your automated security alarm system.

Door and window sensors

Door and window sensors are an essential part of your security system. When buying a modern security system, these are a common piece of security equipment that will come along with it. A modern sensor keeps all the areas of the property under its control. 
How does a window sensor work? Doors and window sensors are used to detect any kind of motion: the opening and closing of gates, disruptions with sensors etc. They create a magnetic field around your space and alert the security panel which in turns blows up the alarm in case of any invasion. 

Video surveillance cameras

Cameras have made scrutinizing a lot easier and feasible. A modern security system always accompanies a high-resolution camera. Traditional security systems relied a lot on infrared image formation and detection. Checking your house for safety while you are out on vacation is extremely easy with digital access to all your house cameras on your phone and laptop.

Modern security systems and its benefits:

  • Activity Alerts
  • Automated Control 
  • Better protection 
  • 24/7 check 
  • All-time surveillance

Traditional security systems includes:

Home security guards

One of the most trusted traditional methods of securing and safeguarding your property is, hiring a home security guard. Although human sense is considered to be fast and catchy yet it is impossible for a security guard to keep a check on your property from morning till night. Think of the times when the security dozes off in the middle of the night making your property vulnerable for an invasion. On the contrary, you can also trust some of the best security services like OGS Group Security Services, for their humble and efficient guards and staff.

Manual assembly of devices

Traditional security systems require a lot of wires and cables, and therefore, it takes a lot of time for its installation. A conventional security system requires long hours of installation, wiring and connection for its efficient working. Buying a security system is not what requires a lot of expertise and knowledge, installing it properly at the right angle requires a professional installer and its good hands-on training.


Once you understand the crux of a traditional and a modern security system, it will be easier for you to decide which serves the purpose better. A conventional security system is backed up with a lot of manual setups, a large stack of devices and certainly loads of wires and cables.

Drawbacks of a traditional security system:

  • Being fully wired, the connection can be interrupted with a single loose cable
  • Easy for burglars to chop off the wires
  • Limited access for homeowners
  • Less technological advancements
Most of the researchers and experts have proved automatic/modern security systems to be better than the traditional ones. With no hassle of manual planning and management, wireless technology and active alertness, modern security systems have won the race of being a safe and a secure device for your house and commercial space.

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