Maxxess Early Action System is here with updates to MX+

Maxxess Early Action System is here with updates to MX+
Maxxess Systems presents the release of an Early Action System that consists of an integration between eFusion/ambit/MX+/Viewpoint and provides a PSIM like functionality with mobile messaging that is unique to their product line. Included with the Early Action System are updates to MX+, our web-based solution which allows you to check the status of your eFusion system from any web browser.

Organizations usually consist of multiple, siloed systems with limited communication between them. Most security systems are reactive. They issue alarms or calls to initiate an investigation after an incident has occurred. Most of these systems have limited communication networks to notify those affected.

With the Early Action System, Maxxess now offers a proactive approach to security. The solution is a security, emergency and operations management platform that will transform the way organizations respond and support in their security environments. Maxxess’ solution ties together all the various security technologies and the organization's people to proactively manage problems. It connects all the existing security technology into one common operating picture delivering real-time information and bi-directional communications thereby providing a clearer situational awareness of most security incidents.

“In security most large problems start small, with Maxxess Early Action System you can respond while the problem is still manageable,” said Nancy Islas, President. “This year we are highlighting our Early Action System that improves physical security, mobile safety, and operational efficiency across several vertical markets not limited to schools, hospitals, and property management.”

MX+ is key to providing simplicity and improving the experience of using a Security Management Software. New reporting capabilities allow users to run reports from any web browser and not have to return to a workstation. Maxxess has added operator partitioning with this MX+ release. A few design changes have been implemented to enhance the user experience. Included with this release is an update to the MX+ architecture that provides more efficient development to add features customers are asking for.

Maxxess manufactures both traditional access control and a new class of security systems that uniquely empowers and connects your organization. Maxxess provides an adaptable security management platform with the most extensive and seamless set of 3rd party integrations. Maxxess offers a ‘people focused approach’ to security including a smart phone patented, private two-way, emergency, safety and operations management system. Maxxess Systems product line includes eFusion, eAxxess, Ambit and MX+. 

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