Viakoo announces Camera Firmware Update Manager

Viakoo announces Camera Firmware Update Manager
Viakoo, provider of the security industry’s first proactive automated system and data verification solution, is introducing their Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM). This product provides capability to automatically update firmware on camera devices from one or more vendors, and perform these updates with a chain-of-trust method that ensures integrity of the firmware. CFUM adds to other foundational capabilities provided by Viakoo that help organizations achieve sustainable cyber hygiene.

In the past two years, a number of cyber-threats have directly targeted surveillance cameras, including well-reported malware such as WannaCry, Devil’s Ivy, and Mirai. In 2017 TrendMicro, a leading cybersecurity firm, estimated that slightly over half of surveillance cameras in the United States they tracked were infected with one or more malware agents. The solution to these growing threats has been to update the camera device firmware, yet for many organizations the time and cost of manually upgrading their camera devices is prohibitive. Viakoo’s CFUM is the industry’s only solution to automate firmware upgrades across a security system with multiple camera vendors and VMS manufacturers from a single management console.

“Camera devices are often distributed throughout a facility, which can lead to situations where new camera devices are introduced to the network with outdated versions of software and, over time, fall further behind,” said, Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo. “It can be difficult to identify and catalog the camera devices with out-of-date software and find vulnerabilities. Automating and managing firmware updates can assure your camera devices are running on the most recent update.”

Viakoo’s CFUM makes it simple to navigate and update a large deployment of devices across an organization through a single management interface. It is a cost-effective and simple method to easily update firmware before out-of-date software or security problems become an issue. Viakoo has incorporated a firmware chain-of-trust mechanism to ensure that what is installed is correct and secure — a higher level of integration that helps reduce risk and simplifies the firmware update process.

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