Dubai hotel upgrades security infrastructure with Intransa IP video surveillance

Dubai hotel upgrades security infrastructure with Intransa IP video surveillance
The Hyatt Regency in Dubai, has migrated its analog surveillance system to the latest Intransa IP video surveillance appliances for the hotel complex that includes 421 guestrooms and 388 residences in its apartment complex; restaurants and bars; 4000 sqm of meetings and events area; extensive recreational facilities including a fitness center, outdoor pool, floodlit tennis courts, basketball court, jogging track and ice rink. 

A total of 20 Intransa devices supported by Milestone VMS and 768 cameras were installed, to upgrade the Hyatt Regency’s existing analog CCTV system to an Intransa IP system in order to comply with the current Dubai Police, Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) regulations of a 31-day retention period. 

The solution included an upgrade of the hotel’s full system including its servers, storage and workstations. Viakoo performance monitoring software was also installed on all Intransa devices to measure and monitor the solution. (Viakoo assists the IT Security Team and Management by providing alerts and reports on the number of issues/call outs during a specified period, the number of times a system goes down, how the system is performing against KPI’s and whether the required performance checks are being carried out regularly.) 

Hyatt Regency opted for storage support of 120TB per device for its residential requirements and 70TB per device for its hotel requirements. The hotel is now completely compliant with regulatory standards and will continue to add cameras as required. 

The hardware took just four days to install by a team of two engineers and a member of the hotel’s IT security team. Then a week was allowed for configuration and testing. 

In addition to IP based appliances, the hotel installed a smart video wall for its control room to enable easier monitoring and review of the footage from the system. The control room gives the security team the ability to view and manage a large number of cameras simultaneously and sequentially as required. 

Mr. Michael Mendoza, Director of Engineering at Hyatt Regency, said, “Our security consultant recommended the upgrade to an IP CCTV system and the Intransa solution was chosen based on its track record of reliability and high-performance capabilities in terms of data writing and retrieval technologies specifically designed for video surveillance, reliability, up time and high storage capacity per device. The new IP technology allows the devices to be more easily integrated with other hardware and software being deployed as part of the overall Security platform.” 

The IT team at Hyatt Regency received full training during the handover of the system and have since been finding it very easy to use. They continue to receive technical support as required, via remote access. 

According to Mr Mendoza, “Transitioning from analog to network video with Instransa systems has brought Hyatt numerous advances, such as clearer images and a simplified distribution system to share video among its teams on a local, regional and global scale. The consistent performance and reliability of the system working 24/7, with minimal maintenance required and an extremely low failure rate, will ultimately save the business cost in both the short and long term.”

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