Corvus selects Identiv smart card reader board for multi-biometric solution

Corvus selects Identiv smart card reader board for multi-biometric solution
Identiv announced it is partnering with Corvus Integration, a provider of biometric, identity management, and security solutions. In this partnership, Corvus integrates the Identiv 4501 contact and contactless smart card reader board into its recently launched Corvus Tetrad biometric solution, used for border patrol to enhance security through a combined biometric-and-smart card solution. The Identiv smart card reader supports the latest security standards, including contact International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 7816, contactless ISO/IEC 14443 and near field communication (NFC).

The Corvus Tetrad solution—a modified version of the Corvus Sleeve biometric solution—utilizes the newly integrated biometrics appendix F-certified “Five-O” four-slap fingerprint scanner. Combining an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner with Corvus’ dual iris collect and 5mp face camera, the Tetrad solution integrates the Identiv 4501 contact and contactless smart card reader, and a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) reader. Tetrad is designed to withstand the most challenging environments, featuring a rugged case and utilizing an 8-inch tablet running in Windows 10 Professional with 4G of RAM, a 64GB SSD and external ports. The solution comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as optional 3G and 4G support.

“We are committed to delivering the most secure, innovative solutions to help protect our borders,” said Jeff Kormanec, CEO of Corvus Integration. “Partnering with U.S.-based Identiv allows us to bring one of the most secure—and powerful—portable biometric devices to market utilizing the latest smart card technology. We look forward to extending our partnership with Identiv and bringing more handheld biometric innovations to market to reliably identify users and better secure our borders.”

The Identiv secure uTrust 4501 F Dual Interface Smart Card Reader Board delivers optimized transaction times, supporting 84 kBit/second in ISO/IEC 14443 and 600 kBit/second in ISO/IEC 7816, to quickly identify smart card users through the Tetrad solution. Additionally, the board provides full NFC capability, complete with network log-on and secure web-based transactions to ensure secure access network. Even more, the Identiv solution is interoperable, making it an ideal 13.56MHz contactless and contact reader board for application integration and to support next-generation applications.

“Identiv is a technology innovator and provider of smart card interface solutions supporting the latest industry standards,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, chief operating officer and general manager of smart card readers and transponders, Identiv. “By partnering with OEMs, such as Corvus, we can integrate support for contact and contactless smart cards for various use cases such as patrolling our borders. We look forward to extending our partnership with Corvus.”

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