Identiv enables S+P Samson GmbH to protect patients in the IoT

Identiv enables S+P Samson GmbH to protect patients in the IoT
S+P Samson GmbH is a global industrial identification company, operating out of Kissing, Germany. S+P Samson confronts new challenges every day with innovative products and a motivated team. For almost 40 years, S+P Samson has been manufacturing robust plastic labels and tags, including the company’s GRAPHIPLAST products.

Business situation

Every day, in every hospital, thousands of medical instruments have to be sterilized. Identifying these tools by RFID makes it easier for hospitals to keep track of the number of sterilization cycles and to accurately monitor instrument lifetime. The traditional administration of medical instruments required extensive manual labor. With RFID, the storage location, correct maintenance, age, and many other parameters of hospital instruments and devices can now be monitored easily and automatically.

Technical Situation

In working directly with hospitals and Identiv, S+P Samson has developed an extremely thin, small ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID label to stick on stainless steel and plastics, like medical instruments. With a key component — a UHF inlay — this label can withstand cleaning, disinfection, or hot steam treatments and continue to track all life-saving tool maintenance parameters that hospitals require.


S+ P Samson searched out the right company to connect with to engineer the necessary UHF inlay. Identiv is an expert in designing and manufacturing high-frequency (HF) and UHF transponders for embedded use in everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, and athletic apparel. Identiv’s transponders can be delivered in different form factors, including labels (printed or not), dry inlays, wet inlays (with backing adhesive), tickets, and more, and are uniquely positioned to deliver RFID connectivity to any object in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. S+P Samson connected with Identiv for the missing piece of the company’s UHF RFID label, a 5.4 millimeter (0.2 inch) diameter dry inlay made of Polyamide (PI) substrate and copper lines. This Identiv-designed UHF inlay chip is fully compliant with ISO18000-6C and is optimally tuned to deliver maximum performance in the customer’s environment.


By choosing Identiv as a partner in creating its latest product, S+P Samson was able to develop an ultra-thin, small, and sturdy UHF RFID label with incredibly high temperature resistance. S+P Samson chose Identiv because of its engineering skills and flexibility. The complete solution provides traceability for medical tools in terms of maintenance, lifetime, and location; it saves time and manual labor; and most importantly, proper sterilization means better protection of patients from serious threats to their health.

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