Araani has Blazequel as a Silver Certified partner

Araani has Blazequel as a Silver Certified partner
Araani, a provider of video analytics for people, property and process protection, is proud to announce a new distribution partnership with fire safety specialist Blazequel, Bedford, UK. As a Silver Certified Araani partner, Blazequel is now fully authorized to distribute, install and support Araani’s SmokeCatcher Early Warning System in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Blazequel specializes in providing innovative fire safety solutions to protect its clients and their most valuable assets. The company has experience in a wide range of industry sectors, including recycling and waste management, manufacturing and engineering, and logistics and warehousing.

“For years, Blazequel has been looking for a reliable, video-based smoke detection system,” says Keith Picton, Marketing Manager at Blazequel. “But it wasn’t until we met with Araani that we were fully confident, both about the product and about the company’s business model. The fact that Araani has partnered up with trusted names, such as Axis and Milestone Systems, only adds to the credibility of our new video smoke detection solution provider.”

Blazequel has added Araani’s SmokeCatcher early warning system to its wide portfolio of fire alarm and smoke detection solutions. By doing so, the company will be able to answer the needs of customers for whom there was no suitable smoke detection solution available before. Blazequel sees many opportunities in the UK and Ireland for integrating SmokeCatcher into harsh industrial environments, such as waste and recycling plants. Refrigerated warehouses and storage rooms are another example of environments where conventional smoke detection solutions will fail, but where SmokeCatcher can provide an answer.

“The most obvious advantage of SmokeCatcher video smoke detection is the possibility to visually verify the detected incident. No other technology can do that,” says Keith Picton. “But also its distributed architecture is unique. Many competitive solutions use a centralized server to process the incoming video images. However, when this server fails, it immediately affects the entire camera network. With SmokeCatcher, the image processing happens on the camera, not on a centralized server. This is much more reliable, because the point of failure is limited to the surface of one camera.”

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