Araani enters into partnership with Smart Video and Sensing

Araani enters into partnership with Smart Video and Sensing
Araani, a provider of video analytics for people, property and process protection, is proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Smart Video and Sensing (SVS), Waterlooville, Hampshire, U.K. As a Silver Certified Araani partner, SVS will be able to distribute, install and support Araani’s SmokeCatcher Early Warning System in the United Kingdom.

SVS specializes in the provision of a variety of detection and sensing solutions and has more than 15 years’ experience across a wide range of transportation and security sectors, including urban and inter-urban roads, rail and waterways.

“SVS is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that provide utmost client satisfaction,” says Charlie Eccleson, Sales Engineer at SVS. “Up to now, video smoke detection technology has not received the recognition it deserves in the U.K. By adding Araani’s SmokeCatcher early warning system to our portfolio, we are hoping to contribute a little bit to the success of SmokeCatcher in the U.K.”

“The United Kingdom has always been a frontrunner in the field video security and fire safety,” says Pieter Claerhout, CEO of Araani. “That is why, we believe it is essential for Araani to build a strong presence there. SVS is the partner with the right knowledge and expertise to help us with that.”

Araani’s SmokeCatcher will further complete SVS’s portfolio of detection solutions. The UK specialist is looking to integrate SmokeCatcher video smoke detection into critical indoor environments where previously no effective detection solution was possible. This includes waste recycling plants and large-size ship engine rooms, both of which are environments where SmokeCatcher video analytics can make an intelligent distinction between smoke and other phenomena, like vapor, dust and chemicals.”

“For a partnership like this, it’s important to be able to count on each other,” says Charlie Eccleson. “We are confident that this will be the case. Araani has already shown true commitment towards SVS and provided us with great technical support right off the bat.”

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