Algatec lock integrates security technology with eco-friendly design

Algatec lock integrates security technology with eco-friendly design
Buy from local farmer’s markets; Eat simple, live simple; Reuse, reduce and recycle wastes—you will do everything to create a sustainable living and care for the environment. And you will be ecstatic to learn that Algatec has the product that might just fit your eco lifestyle. You can now have state of the art security system and still be responsible for the environment.

ALGATEC Eco Series Electromagnetic Lock. As its name defines, the electromagnetic (EM) lock is designed with eco-friendly in mind. How would an access control system be designed to support our sustainable living concept, one might ask. Through the mismanagement of energy usage and our destructive nature in general, humankind has created a not so positive net effect on the environment. In efforts to curb our incessant appetite for energy, humans have poured their time and efforts into making low power consumption products over the years to support our lifestyle. Super low-power consumption EM lock with the need of fewer than 300 mA, ALGATEC’s Eco Series EM Lock becomes a favorite among green, security lovers. 

For a sustainable electromagnetic lock, the Eco Series is compatible with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) access control system. In the security industry, integrated access control system is the next big thing, and they are favoured to work incredibly well with PoE-enabled security products. Bringing the power of the network to access control delivers sustainable access control system by improving energy efficiency, reducing infrastructure, and simplifying installations. Eco Series fits right in with the POE access control system to leverage existing network infrastructure for enhanced security and easier, more cost effective installations.

What the ALGATEC Eco Series Electromagnetic Lock has to offer
  • Eco-friendly design with super low power consumption, < 300 mA
  • Zero Residual Magnetism, instantaneous release of lock
  • Integrated Lock Status Monitoring Function (LSMF)
  • Operating at Single Voltage 12 VDC
  • Choices of 600 lbs. or 1200 lbs., single or double EM lock
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal costs for maintenance, cost-efficient 

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