Milesight unveils new IR mini dome network camera

Milesight unveils new IR mini dome network camera
Milesight Technology, an IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to announce the release of the new IR Mini Dome Network Camera.

Milesight redesigns IR Mini Dome Network Camera into a brand new appearance. Inheriting Milesight unique design, the brand-new IR Mini Dome Network Camera looks exquisite, high-end and beautiful. Also equipped with Milesight unique technologies, this camera looks tiny but powerful.

H.265+ codec

The new IR Mini Dome Network Camera is equipped with Milesight latest H.265+ which allows to cut down 70-80 percent bandwidth compared with H.264 while ensuring the high quality of images. It is adjustable and allows users to set different bandwidth saving degrees under various circumstances, which tremendously minimizes the occupancy of bandwidth and maximizes the overall capability.

3-axis mechanical design

New IR Mini Dome Camera features 3-axis mechanical design for fast and easy adjustment of the camera’s viewing angle. With 180° pan, 15-90° tilt and 360° roll, it is easy to precisely position the camera.

Smart IR II technology

With the combination of the two high beams and two low beams, the Smart IR II technology allows the IR LEDs to reach the farther distance up to 20m. The IR intensity is adjustable to fit different lighting conditions in various specific viewing angles, which would guarantee the image quality to avoid problem of overexposure and darkness. Moreover, with the IR anti-reflection panel, the infrared light transmittance is highly increased.

New microphone

Upgraded the microphone with new codec, the microphone voice quality is much better than the previous one. Installing in the indoor places like classrooms, banks, airports, ect., the new IR Mini Dome Network Camera functions well in providing clearer sound.

Better thermal design

The base of the New IR Mini Dome Network Camera has been upgraded to better dissipate heat. The bulged strips enlarge the heat dissipating area and the specific material makes sure the heat dissipation.

Easy installation

Aiming to make the installation easier, Milesight specially design a press button. Just push the press button, the cover could be opened. And the exquisite cable-free design with built-in PoE port makes the connection a piece of cake. Also there is a unique panel on the side of cover, which can be moved out easily to let cable go through.

Two colors available

Available in White and Black, the brand-new IR Mini Dome provides more choices for your preference.

“Milesight has been committed to bringing our customer the user-friendly products. This new IR Mini Dome Network Camera contains so many Milesight special designs to enhance the functionality of the camera, to make the installation easier and to bring our customers the best.” said Leon Jiang, VP of Milesight.


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