Milesight released H.265+ for H.265 network cameras

Milesight released H.265+ for H.265 network cameras
Milesight Technology, an IP surveillance solution provider who manufactures products with superior image quality, exceptional flexibility and reliability for the global market, is pleased to announce that Milesight is usher in the era of H.265+.

H.265+ is an upgraded smart video compression technology, with which a network camera will enjoy high image quality yet less bandwidth occupancy. By combining the P-frame Control and Bitrate Control, the codec helps to cut down the occupancy of bandwidth and storage requirements for network cameras.

The latest compression algorithm

H.265+ is the latest compression technology. It analyses the image coding and compresses the corresponding bitrates via P-frame Control and Bitrate Control. Compared with H.264, H.265+ makes 70%~80% reduction of bandwidth occupancy for network cameras, which also tremendously drops the requirement of storage space and enhances storage efficiency.

70%~80% bandwidth & storage saving

The degree of bandwidth-saving can be controlled as Milesight H.265+ is a 10-level adjustable smart algorithm. The effect of cutting down bandwidth occupancy increases from the first level to tenth level, so the tenth level of H.265+ is the maximum level which helps to decrease 70%~80% of occupancy.

Maintain high image quality

H.265+ technology is acclaimed to its bandwidth compression and image quality preservation ability. With the help of H.265+, ultra high resolution video viewing, recording can be more efficient since the bandwidth occupancy has been saved up to 70%~80%, the storage capacity has been enhanced and the high image quality has been preserved at the same time.
"We are usher in an era of H.265+. The H.265+ series network cameras are of higher performance, more efficient, and can help customers to save surveillance resources." said Leon Jiang, vice president of Milesight.

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