Pelco’s Optera cameras cover multiple surveillance angles for law enforcement

Pelco’s Optera cameras cover multiple surveillance angles for law enforcement
In order to serve the varied needs of law enforcement and government, video surveillance systems have been developed to serve multiple purposes and to meet specification requirements for many different law enforcement applications. Having the right resources and equipment to clearly view events — from terrorist attacks to natural disasters to petty crime — is essential for first responders, criminal investigations, and terrorism prevention. Video surveillance that can provide seamless high-definition video of wide areas and entire scenes can improve response time and accuracy, increasing efficiency and saving more lives.

Pelco Optera multi-sensor panoramic cameras provide a constant, seamless viewing experience that surrounds you for complete situational awareness. Images are seamlessly stitched and deliver blended panoramic views without the disruption and distraction of disjointed sensor boundaries that may interrupt monitoring or miss essential forensic video data required when investigating an incident. Optera cameras come in configurations providing 180⁰, 270⁰ or 360⁰ coverage constructed from four 3MP image sensors, providing customized coverage to meet the needs of any installation. Implementing wide views with a single camera reduces cost and minimizes the complexity of purchasing, installing, and maintaining multiple cameras in order to cover the entirety of an area of interest, while also providing complete coverage of a large area that even several fixed PTZ cameras may not be able to cover. With Optera’s multi-sensor coverage, it’s simple for law enforcement to track activities, possible threats, and persons of interests throughout the entirety of a scene.

The Optera multi-sensor panoramic delivers the highest-quality, most uniform panoramic image possible and the highest operability standards for today’s law enforcement needs. Optera cameras are fully IP enabled and feature 12-MP resolution at up to 30 frames-per-second with electronic PTZ on both live and playback video and across sensor boundaries, providing total situational awareness to law enforcement officers in real-time. In addition, Optera cameras incorporate Pelco H.264 smart compression technology, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70 percent while reducing storage requirements. Every Optera model comes ready to install with a compact in-ceiling mount, surface mount, or pendant enclosure, featuring a robust, metal, tamper-resistant design with an IK10 impact rating for vandal resistance.

Pelco Optera cameras are equipped with SureVision 2.0 image processing, wide dynamic range (WDR), and anti-bloom technologies to deliver outstanding image quality in even the most challenging lighting conditions. Optera easily adapts to changing lighting conditions across the entire view field in both daytime and nighttime conditions, providing exceptional wide-view coverage in an outdoor public area or throughout a city street. Even when bright and dim areas exist in the same image frame, SureVision helps to cover areas with glare or shadows, such as in a parking garage or an area where flashlights are in use. The combination of superior WDR, low-light performance, anti-bloom technologies, 3D noise filtering and advanced tone mapping makes the Pelco Optera multi-sensor panoramic camera capable of delivering outstanding surveillance performance in nearly any lighting condition, helping law enforcement efficiently track persons of interest and vehicles, proactively identify possible threats, and provide essential forensic data even when lighting conditions are not ideal.

Also present are in-built analytics that help law enforcement to detect potential threats earlier and more consistently. Integrated analytics on Optera cameras include abandoned object; which can help police quickly identify lone bags or packages that may present a threat, camera sabotage; which can help identify if cameras have been damaged as part of a criminal activity or in anticipation of one, directional motion; which can help identify persons of interest by notifying law enforcement if someone is moving against the flow of traffic, and other analytic behaviors, including adaptive motion detection, loitering detection, object counting, object removal and stopped vehicle. These analytics are enabled by Optera’s HD megapixel sensors, allowing operators to quickly focus on events and areas of interest that would not be possible using cameras with lower quality images, while Optera’s PTZ functionality on panoramic cameras provides complete coverage of an area to track activity throughout an entire scene. Open architecture connectivity allows integration into almost any third-party software and/or IP-based HD recording system.

While a fixed camera provides a narrow field of view and a PTZ camera may be pointed in the wrong direction, the panoramic view provided by Optera cameras provides constant HD video with seamless stitching at 180⁰, 270⁰ or 360⁰ for perfect situational awareness, giving law enforcement high levels of awareness needed to react quickly to developing situations.

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