Hanwha Techwin launches 2-megapixel 32x AHD zoom box camera

Hanwha Techwin launches 2-megapixel 32x AHD zoom box camera
Global security company Hanwha Techwin is launching Full HD 32x zoom box camera HCZ-6320

The new HCZ-6320 supports up to Full HD resolution at 2 megapixels (1,920 x 1,080) for clearer and more vivid video surveillance than conventional analog cameras, and boasts a high frame rate of 30 fps.

Thanks to Hanwha's industry-leading optical technologies, it is capable of monitoring distant subjects using up to 32x zoom (4.44 - 142.6 mm).

Furthermore, the excellent WDR backlight compensation feature (120 dB) by Hanwha provides higher precision in image identification, even in badly lit environments. The Defog feature improves image quality and visibility, even on days with fog, yellow dust, or smog.

It is capable of stably transmitting 2-megapixel images and audio at a maximum distance of 500 m without delays via coaxial cable, and boasts outstanding compatibility with existing analog cameras to save system replacement costs. It also supports communication controls via RS-485 and COAX connections. 

Hanwha Techwin stated that the launch of the AHD 32x zoom camera will also allow high-quality, high-zoom video surveillance for users of conventional analog systems. 

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