CohuHD provides continuous surveillance and monitoring for Port of Corpus Christi

CohuHD provides continuous surveillance and monitoring for Port of Corpus Christi


The Port of Corpus Christi requires professional-grade surveillance solutions designed for at risk facilities where detection under nearly any condition is imperative. This project was initiated to replace a leading competitor’s positioner (PTZ) camera that had failed as a result of prolonged exposure to the marine environment. 

CohuHD’s cameras were the clear solution. The Port has had a long relationship with CohuHD, and has benefitted from the reliability, durability and ruggedness that characterize our cameras. 


  • Deliver high-quality video in real-time, 24/7
  • See day and night, through fog, rain and very low light conditions
  • Operate continuously in harsh, corrosive waterfront conditions 
  • Enable safeguarding critical port assets and infrastructure from theft, loss and damage



The Port requires a video surveillance solution that provides early detection as the first line of defense, and forms a platform that enables Port personnel to prevent security breaches by proactively identifying threats during the day and, especially, at night. The cameras need to provide excellent visibility in very low-light, through rain, snow and fog and at night, with continuous operation in the salty sea air. CohuHD cameras offer superior optics, day/night operation, visible light and thermal imaging, and rugged pan-tilt construction, providing the most reliable, cost-effective, and highest-performing solutions available. 

After a thorough needs assessment, CohuHD recommended their exclusive 6960 IP67 dual head surveillance camera, configured with a visible light day/night head and a thermal imaging head. The 6960 provides proven durability and the rugged construction needed to withstand the rigors of any maritime application.


CohuHD’s 6960 rugged, reliable camera solution provides reduced total cost of ownership by virtually eliminating repair costs and freeing valuable resources. The reduced down time increases security effectiveness, enabling the Port to maintain shipping traffic flow, even in lowlight and foggy conditions. The added security is reflected in reduced theft, decreased accidents, and reduced congestion that leads to delays. The result is a reduction in pollution, increased throughput and faster shipping.

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