A smart lock that’s secure and well-designed

A smart lock that’s secure and well-designed
Smart locks are gaining popularity due to the convenience they provide. But given the rampancy of cyberattacks these days, the security of devices, including smart locks, is also important. Poly-Control, owner of the Danalock brand of smart locks, has the solution that is both secure and appealing in design.
According to Hans Overgaard, CEO of Poly-Control, benefits of smart locks are manifold. “The Danalock has many features, but one of the most important ones is that you can control and monitor your door lock with your phone. You can grant temporarily or permanent virtual keys to others, and you can revoke their access again with a press of a button,” he said. “If you compare the Danalock to a traditional, manual door lock, the differences are many. With Danalock you don’t have to carry around keys anymore. You don’t have to risk that someone loses the key, and as a consequence you have to change the door lock. You can give temporary entrances for your contractor, TV guy, delivery guy, or who you would like – the entry allowance can always be revoked instantly. You can always monitor who walks in and out of your house, and when they do it.”
With an increasing number of smart lock products in the market, Overgaard said the Danalock stands out in many ways, one of which is the security it provides. “Compared to our competitors’ products, the Danalock is much safer, smaller and faster. Danalock uses AES 256 encryption, which makes it much safer.”
Danalock phone app enables users to control and monitor their smart locks with their phone.
Source: Poly-Control

He goes on to say that the design is important, too. “We’ve chosen an elegant design that makes it melt into most modern homes. It not only adds functions to your home, it also adds style and elegance. The response time on the Danalock is the fastest one on the market – we won’t let our customers stand in the rain, waiting for a slow response from a smart lock. Lastly the unique hardware design lets you install the Danalock on almost any door in the world,” he said.
According to Overgaard, his company places a strong focus on openness and integration. “Openness and integration have always been very important to us. Thus, we have had a great focus on the most widespread radio technologies like Z-Wave, Zigbee and Bluetooth. Today, we offer the Danalock with these technologies and HomeKit is just around the corner,” he said. “But not only on the hardware side have we thought about integration. Our APIs and SDKs let our partners easily integrate the benefits of the Danalock.”
He said that amid the paradigm shift from traditional to smart locks, demands for the latter will only increase. “For our generation, it has always been the physical key you open your door with. We’re used to it, and it does that one thing well. But when people realize that having a smart lock only improves your quality of life and adds benefits, demand for our product will increase significantly,” he said. “The biggest driver in this market will be the derived values that can be delivered when having a smart lock on the door. It opens a new world of convenience. It allows for grocery deliveries in your fridge, even you are not home. Order a new TV and it is installed when you come home from work. Homecare and house cleaning is more of the great possibilities that is being enabled for new players in the market when a smart lock is installed. This means the traditional focus we have seen on the 'gadget,' the smart lock, will shift, and the real focus will be on the features it enables instead, raising the demand for smart locks in general.”
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