Vidsys and Evolver announce strategic partnership for cybersecurity

Vidsys and Evolver announce strategic partnership for cybersecurity
Vidsys, a global software technology manufacturer of physical security information management (PSIM) and converged security and information management (CSIM) software, announced its partnership with Evolver, a cybersecurity and information technology firm that delivers sophisticated services, operations, and consultation internationally.

The partnership provides Evolver’s client base with a more holistic approach to security solutions with the addition of physical security to its cybersecurity offerings. Vidsys allows companies to perform software integrations with video, sensor, IoT device and social media data through a custom API-enabled platform. This approach enhances Evolver’s managed security service provider (MSSP) offering by providing extended capabilities for its clients. Current Vidsys clients will also benefit from Evolver solutions and information technology services through anticipating, preparing for and managing changes that impact organizational security.

“We are excited to launch this enhanced managed security services program with Evolver in supporting its key clients,” said James I. Chong, CEO of Vidsys. “Today, cybersecurity and physical security often operate separately, but organizations must now be even more proactive and produce a unified view of their security operations with actionable intelligence. Through a converged security approach, Evolver will be able to help customers achieve long term success through continual cybersecurity innovation. Vidsys is excited to be a part of that solution.”

“Partnering with Vidsys is a natural fit that will provide a more strategic approach to security for our clients,” said Bill Sabo, CEO of Evolver. “We see the convergence of cyber and physical security as a critical advancement in security and we look forward to developing this program with Vidsys to provide additional value to our clients.”

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