Digital Barriers enables real-time video and driver ID verification from vehicles

Digital Barriers enables real-time video and driver ID verification from vehicles
Digital Barriers announced a new frontier in wireless surveillance streaming solutions for Connected Cars and smart cities using EdgeVis Live running on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 AI supercomputer.

EdgeVis Live from Digital Barriers delivers high-definition video over cellular networks, overcoming the challenges of low, poor or constrained bandwidths. For the first time, it delivers near-zero latency live streaming with advanced edge analytics in an embedded solution for vehicles and public safety surveillance.

Developed for the highly demanding world of military surveillance, where losing video feeds for even a few seconds can have life and death consequences, EdgeVis Live has become the proven choice for defence, law enforcement, transportation, energy and public safety customers in more than 30 countries worldwide.

EdgeVis Live transforms in-vehicle cameras or any HD-IP cameras into secure wireless surveillance assets, streaming at ultra-low-bandwidths and near-zero latency, anytime and anywhere.

By incorporating the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 into EdgeVis Live, Digital Barriers can stream mission-critical video from 4K (UHD) cameras over cellular networks and run analytics faster at the edge without impacting the video streaming quality. This includes analytics such as Digital Barriers’ SmartVis Face real-time (in-vehicle) Driver ID verification.

Robert Lambert, Chief Scientist at Digital Barriers said, “The current trend in video surveillance is towards analytics at the edge, and NVIDIA’s advanced GPU technology allows Digital Barriers to push the boundaries on edge capability. The NVIDIA Jetson TX1, combined with EdgeVis streaming and SmartVis analytics, will support a new generation of solutions for law enforcement and smart city applications that demand high performance at an affordable running cost."

Eddie Seymour, EMEA Embedded Sales Director at NVIDIA said, “NVIDIA Jetson is the ideal platform for companies like Digital Barriers, which is working with NVIDIA as a Metropolis AI City partner. Using Jetson’s deep learning capabilities, Digital Barriers can extend its experience in defense and national security to provide security solutions to the automotive industry and for smart cities.”
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