University in Jordan selects HID to reduce wait time when issuing student cards

University in Jordan selects HID to reduce wait time when issuing student cards
The University is the largest and oldest institution in Jordan and has a population of more than 42,000 students and employs 1,400 faculty and staff members. The University has the country’s highest admission rate and is considered the leading university in the Jordan, as well as one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in the Arab world.


To secure its premises and assets, the University was looking for an efficient, robust and cost effective card personalization solution for providing secure, high-quality student ID cards to more than 42,000 students and 1,400 faculty members.

There are a number of key selection criteria for the new solution: Requirements for the solution included its ability to:
  • Securely print high quality, durable electronic student cards that would last the entire duration of the user’s time at the university.
  • Print, laminate and encode physical access control cards.
  • Quickly issue large volumes of ID cards. Be easily deployed and managed.
  • Scale and upgrade in the future.
HID Global was selected as the preferred vendor based on its ability to meet each of the university’s requirements. HID Global also had a long-standing relationship with the University, where the quality and reliability of HID Global’s broad portfolio of solutions had been proven over the years.


FARGO DTC4500 printer/encoder
The University selected HID Global’s Direct-to-Card (DTC) printing capability to routinely and cost-effectively issue high volumes of personalized IDs. The HID Global FARGO Direct-to-Card DTC4500 printer/encoders produce durable student ID cards based on the university’s specifications and budget. On average, two DTC4500 printers are used to produce 10,000 cards per year.

HID Global worked in close partnership with regional secure card issuance experts Judeh Card Technology to deploy the HID Global FARGO DTC printer/ encoders, which provided the University an advanced, secure solution that is easily upgradable and scalable to meet their future needs.

“Our goal is to provide students and faculty members with a single access card that meets their needs for convenience, while complying with our stringent security requirements,” said the IT Director with the University. “Being the world’s most trusted brand for secure access solutions, HID Global has successfully met all of our criteria for securely issuing high volumes of student ID cards both quickly and cost-effectively.


Amman, Jordan
The University now issues approximately 10,000 student ID cards each year, while providing a hassle-free, on-site badge issuing service that is reliable, secure and scalable.
HID Global’s FARGO printers/encoders are particularly beneficial during peak periods, such as the start of a new academic year, when high volumes of ID cards need to be printed quickly for incoming students. Additionally, the university is now able to offer a better customer service experience that reduces wait time for students while also benefiting from a significant cost savings, without compromising on quality and security.

“HID Global’s FARGO ID printer/encoder provides a secure and high quality printing solution that enables us to efficiently issue high volumes of student and faculty ID cards within a short time period. This is thanks to the printer’s, ease of set-up, high throughput speeds and integrated lamination capabilities,” added the IT Director with the University.

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