NovaTeqni embeds Integrated Biometrics’ finger scanner in biometric handheld computer

NovaTeqni embeds Integrated Biometrics’ finger scanner in biometric handheld computer
Integrated Biometrics announced that Canadian biometrics firm NovaTeqni would use the Columbo FAP 30 singlefinger scanner in their new MobiCHKII rugged biometric handheld computer. NovaTeqni will develop, manufacture, and sell this device to the US Federal sector through an agreement with Mobizent.

The MobiCHKII device enables on-the-spot identification using fingerprints or smart cards. NovaTeqni selected Integrated Biometrics’ embedded Columbo sensor for MobiCHKII because of Columbo’s field-proven reliability, rugged design, and low power consumption.

Said Stephen Thies, Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Biometrics, “We are pleased to be associated with Mobizent and NovaTeqni. NovaTeqni has generated a creative solution to meet the challenges of identity management. We congratulate our partners on this agreement, and are honored that they recognize Columbo and our LES technology’s value by including it in the new MobiCHKII.”

Mobizent will market and sell MobiCHKII initially in the United States and India, with subsequent introductions in other global markets. NovaTeqni plans to assist these efforts through sales to new and current customers in Africa. The first devices are expected to be available within 60 days

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