Integrated Biometrics fingerprint biometrics used to mitigate fraud

Integrated Biometrics fingerprint biometrics used to mitigate fraud
Mexican government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions are using fingerprint biometrics to facilitate the proper identification of individuals for electronic payments -- such as the delivery of government subsidies -- in an effort to mitigate fraud by individuals looking to scam the system.

In one such instance, the Mexican pension system is employing the Integrated Biometrics’ Watson Mini two-finger roll scanner as part of a door-to-door effort to enroll and confirm the identities of a large number of retirees living in rural areas. Instead of relying on a person claiming to be a certain individual travelling to a central bank or government institution to collect payments, officials can bring identity management directly to individuals in their homes. Utilizing mobile electronic fingerprinting, officials can prevent and detect irregular practices.

After confirming retirees’ identities and enrolling them into the pension system, funds can be safely and efficiently delivered electronically. This saves institutions millions of dollars on phony payouts and prosecutions of con artists and identity thieves.

The easy-to-use Watson Mini FBI Appendix F certified multi-fingerprint scanner is small, light, and fast thanks to Integrated Biometrics’ patented light emitting sensor (LES) film technology.

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