Hikvision's revolutionary Turbo HD 4.0 DVR now available

Hikvision's revolutionary Turbo HD 4.0 DVR now available
Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, is pleased to announce that the revolutionary Turbo HD 4.0 products are now available, including the new DVR (72/73HTHI-K series).

The product range boasts 4K high definition and is the world’s first analogue solution to benefit from Hikvision’s unique H.265+ compression technology.

To support the cameras, the solution also has a DVR boasting a number of features, including: 4K output, Four-in-one plus IP access. The recorder gives wider coverage – in fact it boasts the highest recording resolution in any analogue system to date.

The DVR has built-in POC (Power over Coaxial) making installation a lot simpler, which is great news for installers and end users alike. POC basically means that power runs through the coaxial cable, removing the need for separate cables, sockets and plugs.

Peter Guan, Hikvision’s EU Channel and Marketing Director, said, “The Turbo HD 4.0 DVR uses H265+, dramatically improving encoding efficiency and reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 75% compared to H.264, and taking up half as much storage space for the same amount of video footage. This is a great innovation for the analogue surveillance market, bringing leading H.265+ technology to an analogue solution for the first time.”

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