AMG's semi-managed switches calms the data storm

AMG's semi-managed switches calms the data storm
Available with 2, 4 & 8 Ethernet ports, AMG's semi-managed switches provide a 100Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet uplink across multimode or singlemode fiber via the SFP port. With preprogrammed software to direct traffic only to the SFP upload port, the need for configuration to manage effective switching is eliminated.

The semi-managed options eliminate multicast flooding to local Ethernet connected devices, which makes them ideal for larger CCTV applications where unmanaged switches are not sophisticated enough to handle multicast traffic and where fully managed switches demand an unwelcome overhead of individual programing, additional cost and network complexity.

All models can be quickly surface mounted or simply clipped on to a DIN rail for rapid installation and servicing. AMG's wide range of compatible SFPs offer huge flexibility in choice of optical media, including multimode and singlemode optical fiber and extended copper Ethernet allowing up to 500m at 100Mbps using CAT5e.

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