AMG Systems will introduce new generation transmission solutions

AMG Systems will introduce new generation transmission solutions
AMG, the UK manufacturer of intelligent, industrial grade, reliable edge-of-network transmission solutions, will introduce new Ethernet and wireless transmission solutions.

“Our new range of industrial Ethernet and wireless transmission solutions are developed specifically for overcoming challenging transmission issues such as those faced by installers of security and CCTV networks,”said AMG Sales and Technical Support Manager Ian Creary

“And as a UK manufacturer, we are not only able to provide high quality local support and advice to installers, we can also help advise on network design and even tailor custom-built solutions for the most demanding of projects.

“AMG works with installers to enable their security networks to be as effective and efficient as possible. We can help those who might otherwise stand back from the networking component of projects to take ownership of this increasingly important aspect of security installations. This results in those installers being able to deliver a more comprehensive ‘total solutions’ approach to their systems proposals.

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