AMG provides solution for UK wind turbine farm

AMG provides solution for UK wind turbine farm
The unique problem-solving capabilities of the AMG MSES range are illustrated in a new application solution published by AMG. It describes how a UK wind farm with 14 turbines, each equipped with IP PoE+ CCTV HD cameras and Galaxy Dimension Intruder RIOs (remote input/output), is now connected over a resilient converged IP network with a single fibre ring to a main Galaxy panel and NVR workstations at the control room. The solution is possible by using a Multi-Service Ethernet Switch (MSES) with High speed RS485 (Galaxy data multiple data buses) and PoE for connected HD CCTV.

A green field site, each of the 14 newly constructed normally unmanned wind turbines required intrusion detection for unauthorized entry and 3-5 internal IP high definition CCTV cameras to monitor equipment and provide visual verification for staff and contractors who could be working on the turbine.

To provide an Ethernet over a single converged fibre transmission solution capable of transparently transmitting the high speed Galaxy Dimension RS485 data protocol across a resilient Ethernet ring (Rapid Spanning Tree) to all RIOs and keypads whilst simultaneously transmitting video from over 60 cameras. The Galaxy protocol requires very fast and near lag-less reliable communication to and from connected bus devices across 3 RS485 lines in order to operate to the required standards.

By using the AMG MSES (Multi-Service Ethernet Service) range, all of the customer’s requirements could be met in an one-box product solution. The MSES is a fully managed layer 2 Ethernet switch with High Speed serial data , switched inputs and outputs (closed contact/alarms) integrated in one compact product. Combined with Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet ports and multiple Gigabit fibre port connectivity, all aspects of the communication could be monitored and configured though a single interface. With only one box required at each site and with PoE+ support, only the addition of a single power supply (with dual redundant PSU connected for additional protection) was necessary. AMG’s High Speed RS485 data technology ensured Galaxy send/receive data requests were below 4ms (round trip), significantly well within the operational requirements of the panel’s communication protocol.
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