Tyco IS improves security at Toshiba Business Solutions USA

Tyco IS improves security at Toshiba Business Solutions USA


With Texas market headquarters in San Antonio, Toshiba Business Solutions (USA) (TBS) – a subsidiary of Toshiba America Business Solutions – employs approximately 1,100 people and provides application solutions including industrial power systems, transmission and distribution systems, and lighting systems to a wide range of industries. The company was in the process of relocating its Texas market headquarters and had an aggressive timeline for moving into both the new headquarters and a secondary location.

“While we had a relationship with our former security provider for a number of years, we decided to seek quotes and proposals from several other providers to see how security in the new facilities might be augmented,” explained Evan O’Mahoney, Director of Solutions and Professional Services for TBS. TBS decided to work with Tyco Integrated Security (TycoIS) because of its “detail-oriented and comprehensive approach” to security.


In determining the right solution for TBS, TycoIS first worked to understand the company’s core business to identify how various security offerings could positively impact operations. “This laser-focused approach and awareness of the bigger picture was something other vendors didn’t outline in their proposals,” said O’Mahoney.

After a full review of inventory, TycoIS determined that Mobile Security Management would be an excellent solution for enabling TBS’s security team to manage security operations when off site. “Mobile Security Management allows customers to work smarter and more efficiently by providing visibility and remote control of intrusion systems,” explained Troy Clendenin, National Account Manager for TycoIS and the sales representative closest to the TBS project.

The TycoIS team also recommended hosted access control to give employees greater flexibility when traveling between locations.


TycoIS installed hosted access control with swipe cards at the exterior and in-suite doors at both locations so employees don’t have to use multiple cards or codes when frequenting both facilities. TycoIS also ensured dual control for the headquarters location – one set of controls for the first floor sales showroom; and a second set for the second floor administrative and operations offices, as the two areas are not always open at the same time.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the security solution for us is that our senior management team can now monitor the security status at these locations and take action as needed when they’re off-site, all from a mobile device,” said O’Mahoney. Should a breach occur during off-hours, management is notified according to business requirements, and the solution, says Clendenin, “eliminates the extra step of speaking with an administrator and alarm company to ensure someone can travel to the facility to assess the situation.”

While the project timeframe was accelerated due to the timing of the new headquarters move, TycoIS completed the implementation flawlessly, on time and on budget. In fact, “the final invoice matched the proposal exactly, which we were thrilled about,” said O’Mahoney.


TBS now limits liability and loss via a more controlled environment and employees report feeling empowered. Furthermore, TBS employees and management find the integrated solution helps streamline business operations. “The ability for employees to move around various facilities without running into any issues allows for greater flexibility, convenience and ultimately, improved productivity,” said O’Mahoney.

Working together, the customer and TycoIS installed the integrated solution at the new headquarters and the secondary location, and are now in the process of implementing the solution at a third service center location, with plans for upgrading all 10 Texas TBS locations in the next five to eight years.

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