Improving healthcare operations with intelligent security cameras

Improving healthcare operations with intelligent security cameras
Spectra advanced PTZ cameras play an integral role in Pelco’s comprehensive solution offering for the healthcare industry. Built on the company’s extensive resources and expertise with healthcare facilities, Pelco’s healthcare solution can improve surveillance and security operations on all fronts — from monitoring patients, employees and visitor traffic, to keeping an eye on secured areas, thus improving overall hospital security and awareness as well as patient safety, insulating organizations from potential liability claims, improving operating efficiencies, reducing operational costs, and ensuring compliance with state and national regulatory guidelines.

From a pure image capture perspective, Pelco Spectra Enhanced PTZ cameras set the benchmark in HD resolution and performance for healthcare applications with SV3 image quality at 2 megapixels (1080p). They feature the company’s exclusive SureVision 3.0 technology, excelling in challenging lighting situations. Minimum illumination is as low as 0.03 lux and 130dB of True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to resolve the image capture challenges healthcare facilities typically encounter including bright light, low light, and various natural and artificial light sources blooming from emergency vehicles, changing lighting conditions and shadows/dark areas within the field of view. Seamlessly compatible with Pelco’s VideoXpert VMS and any third-party system that supports Pelco’s open API, SureVision technology provides healthcare security professionals with the added flexibility to remotely enable and configure specific camera settings to enhance overall surveillance and situational awareness 24/7.   

Spectra Enhanced PTZ cameras capture images at up to 60 frames per second to capture fluid, high-speed activities and are available in 20X and 30X optical zoom models for extended viewing range with absolute clarity. Spectra Enhanced PTZ cameras also incorporate electronic image stabilization, 3D noise filtering and enhanced tone mapping to further improve image stability, image quality and performance.

Another key component that contributes to the high performance of Spectra Enhanced PTZ Cameras for healthcare applications is their unparalleled intelligence. These cameras are pre-loaded with a suite of advanced video analytics including object counting, abandoned objects, intrusion, camera tampering, wrong direction, loitering, object removal and stopped vehicles.

Additionally, Pelco’s Smart Compression Technology reduces bitrate usage and can reduce storage requirements as much as 70 percent, and that reduces storage costs.

Additional notable features include Power over Ethernet (Hi-PoE and PoE+) for cost-efficient integration and installation, three automatic defog options, up to 32 GB edge storage with a Micro SD card, ONVIF Profile S and Profile G conformance, and vandal-resistant IK10 smoked or clear domes.

Pelco’s Spectra Enhanced PTZ cameras are also integrated with more than 20 VMS solutions, including exacqVision, Genetec, Milestone, OnSSI, Vista, Verint, Qulu from Vista and Qognify to ensure seamless implementation on today’s most prolific management platforms. Additionally, Pelco is partnered with leading third-party suppliers to design and deploy innovative integrated system solutions incorporating access control, PSIM, a wide spectrum of analytics such as license-plate recognition, and many other advanced capabilities. A complete list of integrations can be viewed here.

Pelco’s Spectra Enhanced PTZ make video surveillance more efficient than ever – providing the highest levels of performance, intelligence and durability to better manage and protect healthcare facilities.

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