Pelco Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras for high-quality detailed images

Pelco Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras for high-quality detailed images
Offering a superior panoramic viewing experience with intuitive, immersive views, Pelco Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras with SureVision 3.0 technology are the next best thing to being in the middle of a scene itself. Optera 180°, 270° and 360° multi-sensor cameras provide the highest-quality, most uniform image detail available, allowing users to view the entire panoramic scene and simultaneously drill down for crisp, highly detailed views with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on specific areas of interest with electronic PTZ capability. The cameras’ 12MP resolution provides extreme levels of detail across wide areas at large distances without losing details from other parts of the scene for both live surveillance and post-event forensic analysis.

Bright light, low light, shadows, variable lighting within a scene and changing lighting can present challenges for many high-resolution IP cameras, but this is not the case with Optera. Built with Pelco’s exclusive SureView technology, Optera cameras are able to capture superior images across the entire panoramic view in even the most difficult lighting conditions. An enhanced WDR of 130 dB, advanced low-light performance with color down to 0.05 lux, anti-bloom technology, 3D noise filtering and enhanced tone mapping for color accuracy ensure excellent performance in virtually any situation and for virtually any application.

SureVision also optimizes images from each of the four Optera sensors, seamlessly stitching and blending them at the boundaries to deliver a natural, continuous panorama. This eliminates concerns about poor alignment between sensors, having to manually sequence images or gaps in information, all of which significantly impact the quality and usability of panoramic surveillance video. Optera delivers the wide view, high quality and image reliability to provide constant, seamless situational awareness that is critical for speeding and improving the effectiveness of incident response and investigation.

Unparalleled intelligence is another key component of Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras. To further improve detection and response, Optera cameras are pre-loaded with a suite of advanced Pelco video analytics: abandoned object, intrusion detection, camera sabotage, wrong direction, loitering detection, object counting, object removal and stopped vehicle. Pelco H.264 Smart Compression Technology, which reduces bitrate usage and can result in up to 70 percent savings on storage requirements and costs.

Additional notable features include up to 15ips at 9MP resolution, PoE+, compatibility with Pelco VMS solutions and third-party VMS partners, and availability in a variety of colors and mounts to suit the aesthetics of a particular application.

To ensure seamless implementation and ease of use, Pelco Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras are integrated with over 20 VMS solutions, including exacqVision, Genetec, Milestone, OnSSI, Vista, Verint and Qognify. A complete list of integration can be viewed here.
Delivering the unparalleled ability to find and capture necessary video and evidence to make business-enabling decisions, Pelco Optera multi-sensor cameras elevate both live and forensic scene analysis to an entirely new level for today’s security professionals.

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