Aperio V3 enables integration of wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY

Aperio V3 enables integration of wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY
Aperio wireless access control has been supercharged with the new Aperio V3 platform. Now, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio wireless locks react in a heartbeat to user credentials or administrator commands. And the upgrade is about more than just speed. With V3, Aperio Online integration also supports multiple features that boost OEM system flexibility, and enhances user-friendliness for both integrators and end-users.

In Privacy Mode an authorized room occupant can lock a room from inside — in effect, changing the room’s access rights in real time. Applications include situations where privacy is paramount, such as confidential meetings in an office or school environment. Privacy mode also enables users to lock themselves in securely, in the event of an on-site emergency.

Escape & Return functionality ensures a site meets regulatory compliance for access to rooms with fire and emergency exits. When Escape & Return is activated — indefinitely or for a time-limited period — users who exit a room without their credential will be permitted to re-enter. Escape & Return provides workers with a safer environment and ensures access control is compliant with emergency safety legislation.

“Aperio – Always on” functionality allows Aperio online doors to continue operating securely, using cached credentials and permissions, if communication with the EAC system is lost. In effect, it offers a hybrid online/offline solution, minimizing user disruption. Aperio V3 also enables a range of functions to put facility managers in even closer control of their premises. With Remote Unlock, wireless doors can be unlocked by a system administrator without any need for user actions at the door. Remote Door Status Monitoring allows security managers to instantly verify the status of an Aperio-protected door, open or closed, and to tell whether it has been tampered with.

“Ensuring we meet customer demand for new features and functionality is a core part of our Aperio strategy,” says Russell Wagstaff, Business Development Director at ASSA ABLOY EMEA. “This latest upgrade means site users waste a lot less time hanging around at the door. The new V3 generation also ensures integration with third-party systems is faster and more flexible than ever before.”

The Aperio V3 platform supports all major high-frequency RFID smart-card ecosystems, including iCLASS and MIFARE technologies, as well as the Seos™ mobile-access ecosystem.

All these key features are enabled by communications hubs which link Aperio wireless locks to the central access control system via 1-to-1 (Wiegand), 1-to-8 RS485 or 1-to-16 IP connections — making it easier and more affordable to bring wireless access control to even more doors in a building.

About Aperio: Available on the global market place, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio technology now enables a wide range of access control providers to cost-effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into access control systems.

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