PC Mart centralizes Montreal Trading time attendance

PC Mart centralizes Montreal Trading time attendance
Montreal Trading is the authorized distributor and retailer of ALDO footwear in Malaysia; operating 19 ALDO retail outlets across Malaysia from its headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Recently, Montreal Trading consulted with PC Mart, FingerTec‘s authorized reseller in Kuala Lumpur to provide them with a time attendance solution that would centralized all their outlets attendance data to their headquarters and they wanted a solution that prevent misconduct of attendance.

Upon consultation with PC Mart, Montreal Trading found that FingerTec biometric solutions was the way to go to meet their time attendance management needs. PC Mart proceeded to install 21 units of FingerTec TA100C bundled with TCMS V3 for their client. Before turning to biometrics, Montreal Trading was using punch cards as a way to mark and keep track of their employees attendance in all their outlets, the weakness of the punch card system was apparent; that all attendance data had to be rerecorded or duplicated for filing and calculation, there was no centralization or automation, and to add to that, the attendance data collected might have been compromised by some employees, the punch card system was a far cry from providing automation, accuracy and accountability.

At FingerTec we take pride in providing the best biometrics solutions in the market and we are delighted that PC Mart is able to centralize Montreal Trading‘s time attendance management while providing automation, accuracy, accountability to their attendance management.

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