IFSEC International 2017 Show Preview: Vanderbilt Industries

IFSEC International 2017 Show Preview: Vanderbilt Industries
Kim Loy, Director of Marketing for Vanderbilt Industries, talks to a&s about the company’s upcoming presence at IFSEC International 2017.

a&s: Can you give a brief introduction of the company’s business and product lines?

 Loy: Vanderbilt is a global provider of security systems, operating efficiently in 95 countries around the world. Vanderbilt designs, manufactures and distributes systems that safeguard environments and organizations of all sizes. Agility, adaptability and dependability are distinctive marks of the Vanderbilt brand and these decisive traits satisfy a broad variety of customers’ application needs across banking, education, healthcare, retail and more. Our product lines include access control, intrusion and video. 

a&s: Please outline your reasons for taking part at IFSEC 2017 and provide details about what you will showcase.

Loy: IFSEC International 2017 gives Vanderbilt the perfect platform to showcase its expertise in innovative cloud-based solutions.  Alongside our market-leading range of access control, intrusion and video products will be SPC Connect and ACT365, both of which harness the power of the cloud.

a&s: Are you planning to launch any new products or services at IFSEC 2017? 

Loy: At IFSEC we are launching SPC Connect, a future-proof solution that allows installers to monitor, manage and maintain Vanderbilt’s award-winning SPC panels remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone.  Also on display will be ACT365, Vanderbilt’s truly integrated access control and video management solution, which offers remote setup, servicing and support. We will also be showing other product developments including our Eventys 4K cameras.

a&s: What have been the latest technology developments at Vanderbilt in the last year?

 Loy: Our acquisition of Ireland-based ACT has given us a broader range of cloud-enabled solutions, and we see great potential for products such as ACT365 and SPC Connect as a result. ACT365 allows users to remotely verify a building’s visitor from real-time video images captured at the point of entry. Access can then be granted remotely with the click of a mouse button or tap on a smartphone screen. In the event of a forced door or an alarm activation, ACT365 gives users immediate recall and easy location of recorded footage of the incident, allowing them to review and respond to the situation accordingly. SPC Connect allows installers to monitor, manage and maintain Vanderbilt’s SPC panels remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone, thus saving them time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from site. There have also been upgrades and additions across Vanderbilt’s entire access, intrusion and video portfolio.

a&s: What are the most important industries/markets that Vanderbilt is targeting and why?

Loy: Our unique history and deep understanding of customer needs lies behind our continued success in sectors as diverse as healthcare, retail, pharmaceuticals, education and transportation. In Europe, in particular, we are recognized for our knowledge of the security challenges faced in banking, finance and corporate environments, and these sectors continue to be important to Vanderbilt. We have also formed important relationships that enable us to integrate our products into new platforms – such as a partnership with Citel Spa, a premier supplier of physical security information management (PSIM) software to the majority of Italy’s leading banks and financial services providers. Vanderbilt has adopted Citel’s CEI-ABI protocol for its EN 50131 compliant SPC intrusion detection system which provides the ability to offer a cutting-edge and flexible security solution that can help streamline an operation.

a&s: What are the latest market trends that are impacting, or you feel will impact, Vanderbilt in the EU?

Loy: Having transformed other areas of business and industry, the cloud is gaining momentum in the security industry. The cloud presents great potential for installers as it gives them the ability to set up, manage and maintain large, networked security systems remotely. This gives them better control over their time and resources and reduces time-consuming site visits to address service issues which can be resolved remotely. For end users, the cloud means a system that can be maintained more efficiently and easily reconfigured as their requirements change. 

a&s: Can you provide details of any interesting/noteworthy client or project in the last year? Why did you choose this one?

 Loy: Our technology is currently being installed across Italy’s Credito Cooperativo (BCC) consortium of banks. The bank wanted a system that offered close integration between access control and intrusion detection as well as being reliable, easy to install and future-proof. Our SPC solution is providing a true hybrid intrusion detection system that meets EN 50131 standards, and has unmatched flexibility and scalability. The entire system can be centrally managed, monitored and maintained, which ensures maximum security for all the bank branches, while providing great cost effectiveness.
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