Dahua Technology appoints new CEO

Dahua Technology appoints new CEO
Dahua Technology, a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions proven the world over, announces that Dahua Technology has hired a new CEO to run the daily operations of the fast-growing company. Liquan Fu, Founder and Chairman of Dahua Technology worldwide, has recently hired Ke Li to build upon the momentum and success that Fu has set in place. Fu will continue to serve Dahua as Chairman of its board of directors.

Li’s appointment represents Dahua’s focus on driving future growth and results. He comes with vast knowledge of the technology industry and years of experiences in R&D, sales, marketing, product solutions, professional services, process renovations, especially international expansions. He most recently served as President of Huawei South America. As Chairman, Fu will continue to oversee the company’s direction and support Li’s vision for the future.
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