FST Biometrics provides identity management for Bel-Air Bay Club

FST Biometrics provides identity management for Bel-Air Bay Club


Bel-Air Bay Club is a private shoreline club in California, directly accessible from the beach. The club needed a system to accurately and quickly identify members entering the club, without restricting their freedom of movement. The club also wanted a solution that could identify members conveniently, without the need to carry ID, a keycard or fob, and that would accurately identify members with very few identification errors. In order to provide better service to members, help the club operate more efficiently, and reduce frustration among staff, FST Biometrics was selected to implement its highly accurate identity management solution.


Bel-Air Bay Club implemented FST’s IMID Access (In Motion Identification) solution at the members’ only beach desk entrance, integrating it with Jonas Club Software, the existing membership management database. As members enter the club, IMID Access instantaneously identifies members, allowing beach desk staff to view profiles, and greet each individual by name.


The IMID Access system was successfully installed in two days and handles all daily entrances at the beach desk quickly and accurately.  The Bel-Air Bay Club’s 2000 members were happy to enroll in the system, with each registration into IMID Access taking an average of 10-15 seconds.

Staff are able to utilize the information in FST’s system to have more tailored interactions with club members. This not only builds trust between the club and its members, but also allows members to feel that they have “come home” as soon as they enter the club. This is especially important for members who are less frequent visitors, as staff are able to provide the same high level of service and attention to each valued member.

Bel-Air Bay Club staff also utilize FST for its critical reporting functions, including monitoring specific club areas, such as the sought-after beach cabanas. FST’s system serves as a sign-in for cabana use, since the cabanas run on a “use-it-or-lose-it basis.” FST’s reports give management a better understanding of club usage.

Members are happy with the new 'futuristic' system as well, with some even showing off the cutting-edge technology to their guests as a point of pride in the club. Club staff have noted that the touch-free functionality of FST creates a more hygienic environment as well, particularly during flu season.

“FST Biometrics’ system works very well, and our members immediately felt the difference” said Bill Howard, General Manager of Bel-Air Bay Club.  “We feel confident in the system, which has proven to be fast, accurate and seamless. Most importantly, FST helps us improve the level of service we provide to our membership, allowing us to truly get to know each and every member by face and name.”

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