[Video] Hanwha launches Wisenet X for indoor and outdoor applications at Intersec

[Video] Hanwha launches Wisenet X for indoor and outdoor applications at Intersec
The Middle East has always been a very strong surveillance market. Security has always been a priority for governments and much of the enforcement comes directly from various government bodies. Whether it is DPS in Dubai, MCC in Abu Dhabi, MOI in Kuwait and Qatar, there has been various guidelines on type of systems to deploy and goes on to details like areas of coverage, field of view etc. There is a systematic process in each region for selection as well as approvals of right systems. These bodies ensure that the regulations are updated and newest and best technologies are adopted with time.

There has been rapid advancement in surveillance technology over the past few years and as price per megapixel drops, as well as quick adoption of higher megapixel cameras. While 1.3 MP was the new low until 2015, we saw 2 MP as the minimum requirement for most of the projects in 2016. As new technologies such as smart codecs, H.265 etc. get widely adopted and higher capacity HDD’s become more accessible, a gradual shift towards 4Mpix/5Mpix and even 4K cameras can be seen. True wide dynamic range which was once only available to the premium range of devices from a manufacturer is now provided as a standard feature all across the manufacturer’s product line. Trends like panoramic cameras, fish eye cameras, multi-directional cameras and high performance PTZ cameras have been quite high and will only increase with time as manufacturers push the limits of technology and performance.

Hanwha Techwin (formerly known as Samsung Techwin), has always been synonymous with performance whether it is image quality, low light, WDR, edge analytics or frame rate. Along with best image quality Wisenet also embodies technologies like smart compression, open platform and multi-streaming. Wisenet keeps pace with the current trend and delivers to the expectation of customers. As the surveillance requirements from the region keep raising the performance bar, newer, better and smarter devices are absolutely necessary.

According to Ganesh Madiraju, Pre-Sales Manager at Hanwha Techwin, "Customers no longer expect plain high resolution and high frame rate videos. Those are the basic necessities of any surveillance device. Customers need intelligent video; cameras should provide not only surveillance aid but also business intelligence to improve store management and increase foot count."

One of the common requirement across the region is longer storage duration. This keeps intense pressure on backend systems like network, servers and storage. Searching hours of video becomes tedious task as operators go through the humongous task of going through all the records in case of any event. Smarter devices with edge analytics can provide the necessary metadata to tag the recorded video with information such as object behaviors, object classification etc which can summarize hours of video in few minutes. Wisenet with its powerful processing, provides such intelligent meta data over the edge.

Hanwha will be showcasing their Wisenet portfolio at Intersec on January 22 to 24. The Wisenet portfolio includes the P, Q, HD+,T and X series.
  • The Wisenet P series delivers 4K ultra high definition resolution with a long list of features and superior compression technologies, a perfect combination for applications that demand the best.
  • The Wisenet Q series on the other hand, is a line of affordable cameras which offer essential features ideal for small to medium applications
  • The Wisenet HD+ series incorporates AHD technology which delivers superb quality HD images over existing coax cabling. The series is designed to appeal to end users who want to capture and record Full HD images, but are not ready to migrate from analog to an IP network based video surveillance solution.
  • Wisenet T series is product lineup for specific vertical such as industrial plants. It includes explosion- proof cameras and thermal camera that can meet requirements for hazardous environments.
  • The Wisenet X series is a versatile lineup of products for indoor and outdoor applications, featuring 2 and 5 MP cameras

To find out more about these products at Hanwha Techwin’s booth at Sheikh Saeed Hall 1-J26.

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