Aimetis Symphony provided functionality and scalability to 174th Fighter Wing

Aimetis Symphony provided functionality and scalability to 174th Fighter Wing
Using an antiquated CCTV system was providing the 174th Fighter Wing low security performance and unacceptable system reliability, which led to poor responses during previous threat detections. 174th Fighter Wing needed an intelligent security system to be engineered, furnished, installed and implemented, which would provide day and night perimeter boundry protection while constantly recording and analyzing the high interest pieces in the interior of the base. Also, all video event footage must be retained for a minimum of 30 days.

"With intelligent video software from Aimetis, we are able to analyze important base procedures , ensuring our preparation and the successful avoidance of upcoming problems," according to MSgt Chris Duffy, 174th Fighter Wing.

Aimetis Symphony open system architecture provided the ability to integrate with the current infrastructure of analog cameras as well as many different camera manufacturers and capabilities, (Analog, IP and Thermal). G Technologies, an Aimetis Certified Partner headquarted in Saint Leonard, MD designed and implemented a surveillance system that enables 174th Fighter Wing to easily monitor the entire base, immediately handle system alerts and better manage core operational processes, including aircraft handling, safety monitoring, prevention and investigation of crime and, as required, additional situations such as threats and major incidents. 174th Fighter Wing has also leveraged the depth of reporting Aimetis Symphony provides, allowing the proper allocation of resources and improving base operational efficiency.

Phase one was the installation of a dedicated fiber optic-based communications infrastructure, a four hour uninterruptible backup power system and the mounting of PTZ and fixed cameras. Phase two was the installation of three dual thermal imaging/colour PTZ cameras, twelve storage area cameras and upgrading the Aimetis Symphony intelligent video security system software. The final phase was the addition of a second server in the farm. With correct load balancing of the cameras using various video analytics algorithms an overall increase in performance, response time and system stability was achieved.

The results of implementing Aimetis Symphony are clear - improved security, flexible and scalable system architecture with future proof capabilities, and streamlined operational efficiency with the use of on-demand business intelligence. Aimetis Symphony provides improved situational awareness at 174th Fighter Wing, an important US Air National Guard Base.

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