Bosch provides security systems for Phnom Penh International Airport

Bosch provides security systems for Phnom Penh International Airport
With nearly five million passengers arriving at Phnom Penh International Airport per year, Société Concessionaire d'Aéroport (SCA) seeks solutions on expanding the infrastructure of the airport while catering to the incredibly demanding criteria regarding security, safety, communications and building automation.

SCA's top priority is to monitor all different zones of the airports continuously. Areas such as the perimeter of the airport, car parks, terminals, aprons, airfields and other passenger facilities are closely observed to ensure quick and precise detection of any security or safety risks. As SCA's requirements can only be met with high-end scalable systems that are reliable and effective, a global brand player in the aviation industry is called for.

Bosch DINION IP 7000 camera, with its auto back focus that allows fast installation and AUTODOME IP HD 7000 camera, which enables easy control with pre-configured user modes for multiple applications, are installed throughout the airport. Together, these cameras provide detailed and full HD images and track objects from all viewing angles.

To fully monitor and control any possible risks, a fire alarm system and public address system are needed. AVENAR detector with dual optical sensors and Beam Detector technology allow quick and precise detection of smoke, while Praesideo systems, line array and premium ceiling speakers provide crystalclear announcement for early evacuation.

Additionally, the airport is equipped with a modern access control system with finger print and keypad readers to prevent unauthorized access. Bosch's Building Integration Systems (BIS) integrates all systems into one single platform for centralized management and easy operation for safety and security across the entire airport.

Serviced by Bosch Security Certified Partner GES Cambodia Co. and experienced contractor Enseas Cambodia, the integrated solution is backed by cutting-edge products and professional support from the top player in the aviation industry. Bringing future-proof solutions will strengthen Bosch's brand position in the Cambodia market.

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