Bosch keep watch on Chalong sub district municipality

Bosch keep watch on Chalong sub district municipality
One of the eight subdistricts in the capital of Mueang Phuket, Chalong, is located in the southern part of Phuket Province, Thailand. The Buddhist temples here have drawn many tourists, contributing to its high human traffic flow. This has also led to increased crime and accident rates, as well as rising concern over public safety.

To ensure public security and safety, Chalong Subdistrict Municipality has put in place various city surveillance initiatives. The Municipality wanted to implement the advance video surveillance technologies that met international standards to improve and reinforce the existing city security.

In addition, the Municipality wanted a reliable service provider to handle the installation and after-sales service of its surveillance needs. Knowing that Bosch offers comprehensive portfolio of innovative, reliable, high-quality products and systems for implementing a city surveillance solution, as well as its excellent reputation worldwide, the client turned to the brand to provide the solution.

The Bosch team worked closely with the Mayor and Member of Parliament for Chalong Subdistrict to put together a video surveillance system that met the Municipality’s needs.

After the detailed evaluation of the project requirements, AUTODOME 7000 high-definition (HD) dome cameras and DINION HD day/night cameras (NBN-832V-P) were selected, along with various accompanying equipment for the setup of its CCTV system. These included pendant arms, megapixel and HD lenses, outdoor camera housings and mounting units, as well as DIVAR IP 7000, digital keyboards and standard application servers.

The Bosch team and its installer, Brilliant Tech Limited Partnership, installed the equipment in the public areas to effectively manage the security and safety of the lives and property of tourists and residents in Chalong Subdistrict.

The installation of the new CCTV city surveillance system enables the authorities to enable faster detection and prosecution of crime and accident and thus effectively reducing the crime rate in Chalong Subdistrict.

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