ISONAS IP hardware platform offers full mobile credentials

ISONAS IP hardware platform offers full mobile credentials
Security locks and door hardware aren’t as cut-and-dried as they used to be. In fact, these critical items in any access control system naturally follow industry trends, meaning that wireless, power over Ethernet (PoE), integration with other parts of the system, and even the burgeoning cloud and mobile credential trends have reached all the way to the door and its peripherals, say security industry distributors.

“We have seen a lot of the manufacturers in the straightforward electrified locking category moving towards motorized locking technology,” says Bill Smoyer, Western regional sales manager, Access Hardware Supply, San Leandro, Calif. “Then there are other aspects such as the integrated specialty locks including Wi-Fi, PoE, and hardwired solutions that have all the feature sets built into the locks themselves.”

Smoyer says the motorized solutions provide a couple of benefits, including cost savings on the operation of the unit.

Some manufacturers are even designing for “green,” with locks and other products that are ecologically friendly and reduce the energy and cost to operate.

Other big trends in access control in the past few years have included more and more options for mobile credentials, and the integrated lock manufacturers are listening, says Christie Hamberis, senior vice president, ScanSource Networking and Security, Greenville, S.C. “As with many technology applications, the use of the smartphone is becoming more prevalent. HID’s mobile access solution is a good example of the next big thing, where users may move away from the traditional card and enable secure access through the mobile phone.”

Beyond mobile, she says the cloud is also making its way to the door. “Many products are moving to the cloud and we will likely see access control solutions do the same.”

Indeed this is already starting to happen, with a few manufacturers offering cloud management for their locking devices. 

IP Hardware Platform Offers Free Mobile Credentials
ISONAS continues its Pure IP revolution with the launch of a new hardware platform, the Pure IP family. Whether used as a standalone product or with its Pure Access software, the new ISONAS Pure IP RC-04 hardware platform delivers an entirely revamped aesthetic and forward functionality that increases flexibility for the customer in how and where their access control is installed. 

The ISONAS reader-controller will continue to be an all-in-one intelligent device. The RC-04 leverages ISONAS’s current patented technology and requires a single CAT5 cable to provide power and data, eliminating the need for a panel and providing a simpler and smarter alternative all at the edge. The addition of a standard backlit keypad and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability, allows customers to utilize their mobile device as a credential and provide a simpler enrollment and activation process. 

“The RC-04 product line is game changing for the access control industry,” said Robert Lydic, global vice president of sales at ISONAS. “We have been able to combine the most technologically advanced reader technology with our patented all-in-one reader controllers to dramatically move the industry to IP. 

End users win by freeing up real estate from bulky panel systems, and the ability to use mobile Bluetooth credentials. ISONAS is introducing free mobile credentials through March of 2017 to enable customers to truly experience the power of Pure IP Access Control.”

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